Want the cheapest train tickets? Splitmyfare can get you them.  

By splitting your fare into separate tickets you can slash the price but travel on the same train


Enter your train journey below and click Split My Fare

split instruction plus  How does it work?

Instead of buying one ticket for your journey, when buying split tickets you purchase tickets for two parts; don’t worry though you’re still going to travel on the same train.

Say you decided to travel from London to York and you’re looking to get the cheapest train tickets; if you checked Splitmyfare we’d advise you buy tickets from London Kings Cross to Doncaster and then from Doncaster to York. Do this and rather than paying the £124.50 Standard Fare you pay £107.70 instead, saving £16.80!

We provide the easy method to get the cheapest train tickets: simply check at which station you should split your journey and we’ll give you a step-by-step guide so buying the cheapest train tickets is as easy as pie.