Coronavirus (COVID-19) Train Travel Information

Updated 24/09/2020 06:22am

The safety of our customers during this difficult time is of the utmost importance to us, we have had a lot of E-Mails from customers with queries regarding refunds and also the safety of travelling on the train. As such we have gathered useful information into the below guide.

Is it safe to travel on the train?

Rail Companies are doing more to ensure that trains and stations are clean, including a strong focus on cleaning high-touch areas such as ticket machines, grab handles, stair handrails and door buttons. Rail Staff have also received advice on maintaining good hand hygiene, regularly cleaning surfaces and safe customer interaction.

Travel Advice

1. Book with us before you leave to save time at the train station.

2. Choose to receive an E-Ticket for the collection of your ticket to avoid having to print your ticket at a machine.

3. Avoid travelling during peak hours, if possible - generally after 09:30 in cities and large towns or 09:00 everywhere else.

4. Wear a face covering at all times on your journey, unless you have a medical condition that allows you not to.

5. Make sure to sit in the seat you have booked to allow social distancing.

6. Some operators require a seat reservation to be made, if during booking you receive an error message regarding seat reservations this is because no seats are available. You will need to book to travel at a different time.

7. Avoid travelling if you feel unwell or have symptoms of Coronavirus.


Advance Tickets

While travel in and out of certain places is forbidden, as we claim refunds back from the Train Operating Companies and their current stance is that they won't issue refunds on advance tickets due to coronavirus, we have to follow this. If you are looking to claim a refund on advance tickets due to coronavirus you will need to contact the Train Operating Company directly.

While you can't claim a refund on Advance Tickets if you cancel your travel due to Coronavirus but you can rebook to travel on a different date. You will need to make your new booking and then claim a refund on the original booking, for tickets bought from 7th September, an admin fee will apply when doing so. Advance tickets can only be amended up to the date/time of the first booked departure, you can claim a refund on your original booking here

Flexible Tickets

You can claim a full refund on your unused ticket if you need to cancel your travel. Tickets can also be rebooked for a different date, an admin fee will apply if cancelling or rebooking.

Refunds can be claimed here

Seat Reservations

To help with social distancing onboard, you now need a seat reservation to travel with some train operators. Please note, a seat number is just an indicator that you have a reservation on your specific train. Staff at the station and onboard will give you instructions as to where exactly you should sit.


If I decide not to use my Train Ticket, will I get a refund?

For tickets purchased until Sunday 06 September 2020

Flexible Ticket: You can get a full refund with no admin fee if you rebook your journey, an admin fee will apply if you don't rebook.

Advance Ticket: Non-refundable (unless disruption to your booked journey means you do not travel), but you can change your journey with no admin fee.

For tickets purchased from Monday 07 September 2020:

Flexible Ticket: You can get a full refund, an admin fee will apply if you rebook or cancel your journey.

Advance Ticket: Non-refundable (unless disruption to your booked journey means you do not travel) but you can change the date and time of your booking and an admin fee will apply.