When telling people what our website does, we find it ridiculous that only about 2% actually know what split ticketing is. Bearing in mind we speak to students and professionals who do a lot of traveling with work this isn’t right. Many people know the tricks to get 0% interest on your credit card, how to get discounts in restaurants and shops or the art of haggling; yet many don’t know that by split ticketing you could save a massive amount on your train ticket something many people buy at least once a month at a great price.

So far we’ve done a good job of getting word out about split ticketing and providing an easier, quicker method to find out where to split your ticket and subsequently buy it.

However in the next month or so, things are going to get even better as we launch an automatic split ticket search. Soon, when you come to our website you will be able to tell us where you want to go and when and in a matter of seconds we will show you where the best place to split your ticket is for that exact journey, ensuring you’re staying on the same train for the full duration. That isn’t it though, you will be able to add these tickets to your basket and buy them with us in the same way you would with a normal train ticket; the only difference is you’ll be saving up to 60%.

If you’re interested in saving up to 60% on your train ticket with no extra effort whatsoever, we can inform you when this amazing solution launches so you can start making huge saving straightaway. Just add your E-Mail address below and we’ll let you know, we promise you will never receive spam from us (We hate it just as much as you).

Pete Walls