Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument ofvertical and horizontal stones with grass in front and a sunlit sky behind.

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UNESCO World Heritage Site

Stonehenge in the English County of Wiltshire, England, is perhaps one of the most famous landmarks in the UK, and as such, you should visit Stonehenge from Central London. The stone circle is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, believed to have been constructed in several phases from 3100 BC to 1600 BC, and it has been a legally protected monument since 1882. The most famous stone you need to see when exploring the ancient world of Stonehenge is perhaps the heel stone which is a natural stone that has not been worked or tooled. As Stonehenge is such a popular destination, you can take Stonehenge tours when you go to Stonehenge to uncover more history.

Salisbury Train Station from Central London

It is easy to reach Stonehenge from London by public transport. The easiest and cheapest way to reach Stonehenge is by train. The nearest Station to Stonehenge is Salisbury Train Station; you can take services from London Waterloo; the trip takes just 1 hour 30 minutes on direct trains and is run around every half hour by South Western Railway. Trains pass through the English countryside, and you can even travel to additional destinations by rail after visiting the city. For the cheapest way to visit make sure to travel during off peak hours, you may also benefit from cheaper entrance fees and are more likely to guarantee entry.

Don't worry about having a long walk to get to Stonehenge once you reach the Station, as part of the official organized tour there is a free shuttle bus to Stonehenge with round trip ticket. During the summer, the shuttle bus to Stonehenge runs every hour, though you may want to avoid rush hour to get the best Stonehenge Experience at your own pace.

The city is worth visiting as part of a day trip to Stonehenge from London. Salisbury Cathedral is just a 15-minute walk from Salisbury Station and is almost as famous as the iconic Stonehenge as it holds the Magna Carta documents from 1215. Along with Salisbury Cathedral, the charming city also has the historical sites of Old Sarum and Mompesson House, featured in Sense and Sensibility.

Best Stonehenge Tours

There are many ways that you can get to Stonehenge from London. Should you prefer to get to Stonehenge from London via another form of transport, there are also regular London Stonehenge tours from London Victoria Coach Station. English Heritage and Evans Evans Tours run the best-organized bus tours, but they are just some companies that run a bus to Stonehenge Tour; you will find many organized London Stonehenge bus tours and coach tours to Stonehenge from London.

If you also want to go to another historical site on your Stonehenge Tour, Windsor Castle is well worth visiting on your full-day trip. There are regular departures from London Victoria Coach Station, which visit both sites. Windsor Castle is on the way to Stonehenge, so there is no excuse not to go to Windsor Castle when visiting Stonehenge from London.

Alternatively, a fantastic choice may be to visit Stonehenge by doing a Stonehenge Bus Tour, which also involves visiting Roman Baths. There is a London Stonehenge Bus tour which, as well as visiting the Stonehenge site and the Stone Circle, also visits the city of Bath, allowing you to visit the Roman baths and tour one of the most beautiful cities in England. There are plenty of options for bus tours from London; another option is the Stonehenge Oxford tour, which also visits the fantastic city of Oxford.

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Travelling From London to Stonehenge

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1 hour 22 minutes

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1 hour 30 minutes


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South Western Railway

London to Stonehenge Routes

After visiting Stonehenge from London, there are many other possible destinations you may want to see by rail, including Bristol and Southampton. You may also want to return to London and explore further afield from there. Find more information and book tickets with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the closest Station to Stonehenge?

The closest Station to Stonehenge is Salisbury Station. From there, regular shuttle buses run to Stonehenge.

How much is a train from London to Stonehenge?

The price of a train for your trip from London to Stonehenge can vary. You can save money by booking in advance, traveling during off-peak hours, and splitting your ticket with us.

Where is Stonehenge, and how can I get there from London?

Stonehenge is in the County of Wiltshire. It is situated just west of London, so getting there from England's capital by train from London Waterloo or coach from London Victoria is easy.

What is the best way to get from London to Stonehenge?

The best way to get from London to Stonehenge is to take the train to Salisbury Station and then get a regular shuttle bus to Stonehenge.

Is Stonehenge worth a day trip from London?

Stonehenge is well worth a day trip from London. A world-famous historical site, it is breathtaking to view. With destinations such as Bath, Oxford, and Windsor Castle nearby, they could also be included in a day trip.

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