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Cheap Train Tickets to Birmingham

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Cheap Trains to Birmingham

"To me, Birmingham is the greatest place in the world.” Mark Lewis Francis

In the guide below, you will find handy tips to help you to get cheap train tickets to Birmingham.

Tip 1 Buying your ticket in advance is always cheaper
If you book early to get advance tickets, your journey will typically be much cheaper. Advance fares are generally available to book up to 12 weeks before departure. Advance tickets are in high demand so can sell out, it is worth booking as soon as you can. If you are booking at the last minute, advance fares are available up to an hour before departure if they haven't sold out.
Tip 2 Avoid booking fees for cheap train tickets to Birmingham
SplitMyFare doesn't charge a credit card or booking fee on your journey, only if you find a split ticket will we charged 10% of the saving made. Other retailers charge fees on every booking made, the Trainline charges up to £1.50 per ticket.
Tip 3 Use Delay Repay to get a refund
If your train is delayed you can get compensation directly from the Train Operating Company you travel with, using Delay Repay. You can claim compensation whatever the reason for the delay, typically you can receive a full or partial refund on any delay over 15 minutes. Check the policy of the operator you are travelling with and apply for the refund through them.
Tip 4 Avoid popular stations if you can
Avoiding busy city centre can help get the best price on tickets, as ticket costs are dictated by demand. If you can depart your train just outside Birmingham, rather than a city centre station such as Birmingham New Street Station, you may find cheaper tickets.

Explore the fabulous Georgian and Victorian architecture, enjoy the variety of fantastic food Birmingham offers or wander around the Bullring shops. Birmingham is an excellent destination with some of the UK's best attractions, ideal for families and groups of friends; and a great place to travel on business.

Tip 5 If you are travelling in a group, get cheaper fares with Groupsave
If you are travelling in a group of 3-9 people, you can save 1/3 with Groupsave Discount. To be eligible, you must travel on the same off-peak train and book your tickets together; the discount is automatically applied. To avoid collecting lots of paper tickets, select to receive e-Tickets and then forward them to your group.
Tip 6 Compare the price of single and return tickets to Birmingham
If you are taking a round trip to Birmingham, it is worth comparing the cost of two singles and a return ticket. Split My Fare automatically checks different ticket combinations to find you the cheapest fare for your journey.

Top Birmingham Tours and Attractions

Tip 7 Take a slower train
If you're not in a rush, it may be worth taking a slower, less direct train to Birmingham. Sometimes slower trains are cheaper, we will automatically show you them if they are. If you are looking to reach your destination as fast as possible, you can only see the fastest trains.

The Balti Triangle is the home of Pakistani food in the UK. Symphony Hall is a world-class venue with amazing concerts.

Tip 8 Compare the prices of standard class and first-class train tickets
You can sometimes get the cheapest train tickets if you book a first-class fare, rather than standard Class. If the demand for first-class tickets is low, and not many have been sold, operators will reduce the price. When you use SplitMyFare, you can toggle between standard and first-class tickets.
Tip 9 If you travel regularly, Railcards can help you get the cheapest train tickets to Birmingham.
Regular travellers can save a lot of money with a Railcard, but they are worthwhile even if you only travel a few times a year. Railcards give 1/3 discount on rail travel, they can be convenient in getting cheap train tickets to Birmingham. All Train Operating Companies also accept Railcards, with them you can get free entry to many attractions and lots of discounts.

Railcards start at £20 per year, they are cheaper if you buy them for 3 years, starting at just £54.

If you are travelling to Birmingham as a couple, use the Two Together Railcard, It costs £30 and saves you 1/3 off most fares.

If you regularly travel in a group, the Family and Friends Railcard can be handy. Kids receive 60% off tickets, and adults get a discount of 1/3. It can be used by up to four adults and four children.

Those aged 60 and over can use the Senior Railcard. It provides 1/3 off most rail fares; a 1-year card is £30, it is £70 for 3-years.

The Disabled Person's Railcard is for disabled passengers. It costs £20 a year and gives 1/3 off most train fares.

Other Railcards available include the 16-25, 26-30, and Network Railcard. You can find more details on the Railcard website and buy a Railcard at any National Rail Ticket Office.
Tip 10 Flexibility will get you cheaper tickets
If you can look at alternative dates and travel times, you can make considerable savings to get cheap train tickets to Birmingham. It is worth travelling on a weekday rather than a weekend and taking a train during off-peak times.

Main stations in Birmingham

  • Birmingham Moor Street
  • Birmingham Snow Hill
  • University (Birmingham)
  • Hamstead (Birmingham)

Popular Routes to Birmingham

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Birmingham Airport by train?

You can get a train from many cities to Birmingham International Station at Birmingham Airport. The Airport also has a free Air-Rail Link system.

Why are trains to Birmingham so expensive?

Birmingham has the most expensive train tickets in Europe. This is due in part to rail privatisation.