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Coronavirus: Travel Information

The safety of our customers is of utmost importance to us, rest assured, that the guidance from Public Health England is that Train Passengers are at no greater risk of infection than they are in other public spaces.

You can find more information and guidance regarding Train Travel and Coronavirus here

Refunds, Amendments and Cancellations

All tickets are amendable, though if you are travelling with fixed/advance tickets, you can only change the date and time of departure.

If you are looking to cancel your booking, all flexible tickets are refundable, however you can only get refunds on fixed/advance tickets due to medical reasons, or if you experienced cancellations on your journey. In this case, we can process a refund if the tickets are unused; otherwise, you will need to contact the Train Operating Company you travelled with.

If you experienced any delays on your journey and are looking for compensation, you would need to contact the Train Operating Company.

Visit this page for Refunds, Amendments and Cancellations

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Split Tickets

What does Splitting My Fare involve and why does it mean I can get cheaper tickets?
Splitting Your Fare means that instead of buying one ticket for your whole journey, you purchase tickets for two parts. For example, if you're travelling from Manchester Piccadilly to Edinburgh, you would purchase a ticket from Manchester Piccadilly to Chorley and then from Chorley to Edinburgh.

When we checked the cheapest standard ticket from Manchester Piccadilly to Edinburgh was £59.90

The total cost of tickets from Manchester Piccadilly to Chorley and then from Chorley to Edinburgh was £42.90, a saving of £17.00.

Am I really allowed to Split My Fare?
Yes, the National Rail Conditions of Carriage allow this. Just ensure that for flexible tickets your train calls at all the stations you have tickets for. We automatically ensure this when you purchase with us.

Can I split for Advance and Return tickets as well as Standard fares?
Yes, you can split your fare for every ticket type and will likely make savings on all of them.

Advance Tickets - When you search for your ticket following our instructions you will see both Standard and Advance fares, where available. Advance fares have limited availability, so we would recommend buying these as early as possible.

Return Tickets - You can often save by splitting your fare with Return tickets. For example, if you were travelling from Newcastle to London Kings Cross on a return journey, we might recommend you to split your ticket at Doncaster. In this case, a return ticket from Newcastle to Doncaster and another return ticket from Doncaster to London Kings Cross may be cheapest. Alternatively, we might split your journey into 4 single tickets to cover the same return journey.

Return Tickets
Split 1; Newcastle to Doncaster (Return)
Split 2: Doncaster to London Kings Cross 9Return)

Single Tickets
Outbound Leg
Split 1: Newcastle to Doncaster
Split 2: Doncaster to London Kings Cross

Return Leg
Split 1: London Kings Cross to Doncaster
Split 2: Doncaster to Newcastle

Anything to look out for?
The only risk comes when splitting your fare at a station where you need to change Trains - The station you need to change trains at may coincide with the station you've split your ticket at. If your first train runs late, you may miss your change and in this case, your second ticket may not be valid for the later train.

Calling Points - Your train must call at all the stations you buy tickets to and from. When booking with us, we will check this for you.

Do I have to change seats?
Part of using split tickets is that it's possible that seat changes may have to be made for each ticket, however, we try to ensure that where there is not a change of train you get to stay in the same seat. If you find you do have to move seats, inform a steward on the train when you get on and they'll try to help by finding one that will be free for the whole journey.

Changes to your journey or details

Can I change my seat?
You can change your reservation, but only the operator has the ability to do this, no retailers have the facility to amend your seats.
While we always try to seat you next to the passengers on your booking, this may not happen automatically, depending on the rules of the operator.

Can I change my ticket?
Yes, you can apply to change your ticket by clicking here.

For Advance tickets, you will need to rebook your journey for a different date or time, before requesting a refund on the original booking. This must be done prior to the departure date of the original ticket.

For flexible tickets, you can immediately request a refund on your ticket.

I missed my train
Flexible Tickets:

These tickets may be refunded by cancelling your booking, however, the refund must be requested and where tickets have been printed they must be received no later than 28 days after the date of travel.

Advance tickets:

Advance tickets are non-refundable, you may only amend your booking prior to the train's departure. We will not be able to process a refund if a rebooking is made after the travel date has passed.

My train was cancelled, can I get a refund?
If the train you were due to travel on was cancelled after you booked your tickets you can claim compensation directly from the Train Operating Company.

When selling tickets, we obtain train times from the National Reservation System. If you are told the train had been cancelled before you purchased your ticket, this is because the Train Operating Company hadn't updated the National Reservation System. As such it is their duty to provide you with a refund.

Can I upgrade to first class?
You can purchase a new first-class ticket and cancel the standard ticket click here to do so.

How do I change my personal details?
If you have an online account with us, you can change your details by logging in, clicking My Account and navigating to Personal Details.

When will the refund be processed
Refunds are processed within 28 days from either the date of submission or when necessary, the date our refunds team receive the tickets in the post. This is stated on the refund form and email confirmations we send out, as well as on our Terms and Conditions.

You will receive an automated email confirming the amount to be refunded and the breakdown of this.


Do you do e-tickets/what are e-tickets?
E-Tickets eliminate the need to queue to collect your tickets at the station. If you select an E-Ticket as your ticket delivery option, we will send your ticket as a pdf by E-Mail, you can then present your ticket on the train from your mobile phone.

On which routes can I have an e-ticket?
Most train operating companies now permit you to use e-tickets on most of their routes. If E-Tickets are not in use on your route, you will only be given the option to collect your ticket.

Collecting Tickets

How do I collect tickets?
You can collect your tickets from a ticket machine at any train station prior to departure, you will just need the card you made payment with and the booking reference from your ticket confirmation. If the card payment was made with is not available, you can contact us to permit collection with any card.

How do I buy a ticket for someone else?
You can purchase the ticket as you would a ticket for yourself. For collection, if you choose to receive an E-Ticket, you can just forward the E-Mail onto the person travelling. If you choose ticket collection, you will need to contact us so the person travelling doesn’t need to collect with your payment card.

Can I change my delivery address?
You can collect your tickets at a train station ticket machine or receive an e-ticket via E-Mail, we no longer send tickets by post.

Booking Terms

Do you charge fees?
We charge no booking or credit card fees. Our only charge is a 15% share of any saving you make when you get a split ticket. If you don't make a Split Ticket saving there will be no fee charged.

How many passengers can I book for?
You can book for up to 9 adults and 9 children at once. If you need to book for more, you can add an additional journey to your booking.

Can I buy a Season Ticket?
We don’t currently offer a service to buy season tickets but we are looking to do so in the future.

Terms of Travel

How much luggage can I take on the train?
You can take up to 3 pieces of luggage free of charge on trains within the UK. This includes 2 large items (suitcase, rucksack, etc.) and one smaller item of hand luggage (handbag, briefcase, etc.) Luggage should be stored in the overhead luggage racks, under the seats, and in the luggage compartments throughout the train.

On some long-distance trains, it may be possible to store luggage in a separate area of the train. Speak to the staff on the platform or on the train before boarding and they will assist you with this. Please be aware this will mean you will be separated from your luggage, so make sure it’s secure.

Prams/ pushchairs may be carried on trains but must be capable of folding if required.

Sporting equipment can only be taken on board at the discretion of the train operating company that you are travelling with.

Can I take my pet on the train?

Small pets, like dogs and cats, can travel with you on the train for free, as long as they don’t annoy other passengers, or put them in danger. You can bring a maximum of two animals per passenger, but you’ll have to keep them on a lead, or comfortable in a closed basket, cage or pet carrier that’s secure, so they can’t escape. If you’re planning on bringing more than two pets, you’ll need to check with the TOC directly.

Your pets aren’t allowed on the seats, they’re for paying passengers only and if you have to take a bus or coach to complete your journey, you’ll need to contact the company directly to check if animals are allowed on board.

Do I have enough time to transfer between trains?
If your journey involves changing trains we always ensure plenty of time is left for you to do so when providing journey options, taking into account the size of the station you are changing at.

Can I book my bike on a train?
We aren’t able to offer bike reservations but some trains will carry bikes without reservations. If you contact the train operating company of the service you are travelling on they can assist you with this.

Why do I pay a fee?
Unlike many other train ticket vendors we do not charge any booking or credit card fee and if you aren’t able to find a split ticket, we also will not charge any split ticket fee. However, while we make searching for a split ticket easy for you it is not a simple process for us, with a complex system in place to search for the best prices. This, coupled with other costs means we do have to charge a fee. As such when you make a successful split ticket saving we charge 10% of this saving.

Further Information

Where can I find station information?
You can find details of station facilities here

What products do you not sell?
We do not sell the following products:

  • Railcards
  • Season tickets
  • Carnets
  • Cycle reservations
  • Sleeper cabins (we sell seated sleepers)
  • Tickets in exchange for warrants
  • Tickets including admission
  • Privilege tickets for Railway Staff
  • Rail station car parking
  • Cycle storage at stations
  • PlusBus
  • Rovers and Rangers

Who is the Retailer of my Train Tickets?
All transactions on this site are transacted by Ferries Trains Planes Limited, which is a company registered in England (with company registration number 3067728)

What are the National Rail Conditions of Carriage?
The National Rail Conditions of Carriage set out the minimum level of service you are entitled to expect plus your rights and responsibilities when travelling on the National Rail network. You can view these in total by clicking here.


What are the benefits of having a UK Railcard?
Railcards offer you further discounts on your tickets, on top of split ticketing. The railcards you can obtain are the: 16-25 Railcard, 26-30 Railcard, Senior Railcard, Disabled Person’s Railcard, Two Together Railcard, Family & Friends Railcard and Network Railcard. You can buy these at the Railcard Office

If one passenger has a railcard and the other does not, how do we book tickets?
It is not possible to have a combination of passengers with railcards and passenger without railcards on one search. We recommend first search for and add the booking for the passenger with the railcard. You can then click add another journey once you have added the first to the basket and search for a ticket for the passenger without a railcard.


Where is my booking confirmation?
After booking your ticket you will receive a confirmation via E-Mail. If you have created an account with us, you can also view this by logging in.

If you have not received your confirmation, do E-Mail us at

We also recommend customers to make a note of the booking reference or take a screenshot of the confirmation page in case the email doesn't come through for various reasons.

On our Terms & Conditions, agreed by the person making a booking we state that:
As soon as your booking is confirmed, a confirmation email with your reference number will automatically be emailed to the email address you entered at the time of booking. Your reference and journey details will also be shown on the screen.

(i) If you have not received your confirmation email, it is your responsibility to contact us and we will then resend it to you.

Disability/ Accessibility

If I'm disabled, what assistance can be provided for me?
You can contact your Train Operating Company for assistance when boarding and leaving your train. Even if you have someone else with you they will still be able to help.

Assistance can be received with any of the following:

  • meeting you at the entrance to the station or any other suitable point
  • assisting you around the station and take you to your train
  • assisting you with getting on and off the train
  • providing a ramp to make boarding and embarking easier
  • assisting you with getting between connections
  • carrying your bags

Lost Property

I left an item on my train, how can I retrieve it?
Any items left on a train usually end up at the last station on the line. It is worth contacting the Train Operating Company you travelled with to see if they can locate it, or checking with Network Rail directly at

Journey Planner

How do I know if my train is running on time?
National Rail have live departure and arrival boards, these will advise what platform the train is leaving from or arriving at.

If you need to check if your train is running on time, or if you know your travel has been disrupted and need assistance replanning your journey, please call National Rail Enquiries on 03457 48 49 50.

You can also see information on live train times and rail disruption by clicking here

Seat Reservations

Can I reserve a seat?
We will always try to reserve you a seat on a train where possible, according to your preferences. However, it is not always possible to reserve a seat, in the following cases

  • The train journey does not offer reservations, for example, if it is a short journey
  • The train you are travelling on is full
  • Seat reservations have not yet been released by the Train Operating Company

Can I change my Seat Reservations?
We don't handle on-request seat reservations. We suggest speaking to the Train Operating Company directly or a member of staff at the station and they may be able to facilitate such requests.

Can you tell me where my seat reservations are?
This information will be supplied in your email confirmation from us. If you have not received this E-Mail please check your junkmail or contact us.