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Cheap Trains to Basingstoke

Basingstoke is the largest town in the beautiful country of Hampshire. The town of Basingstoke is situated in the South of England and lies in a valley to the west of the North Downs. Within easy travel distance of Basingstoke are Southampton, 30 miles South West of the town, and London, 48 miles North East; both cities offer regular trains to Basingstoke.

Given the vast history that the county of Hampshire possesses, there are numerous activities on offer, including the Milestones Museum, a museum of living history that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the life of the early 20th century.

If you're looking for trains to Basingstoke, then Basingstoke Train Station is perfect for travelling. Basingstoke Train Station is pretty busy as it is ideally situated for commuters to London; in 2021/22, 3.7 million passengers travelled through the station. Trains run directly to London Waterloo and neighbouring towns, including Portsmouth, Weymouth, and Bournemouth. South Western Railway operate the majority of trains to Basingstoke, with seven trains per hour to London Waterloo.

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Tip 1 When possible, book in advance to get a cheaper ticket
It is worth booking your train ticket to Basingstoke early to get cheap rail travel. Train operators make advance tickets available up to 12 weeks before departure. Advance fares often sell fast, so booking as early as possible is best. If you can't book early, you may find advance tickets available up to one hour before your journey.
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There is no guarantee that your train will depart on time or that you won't arrive at your destination late. Delay Repay enables you to claim a full or partial refund when your trains are delayed, whatever the reason. Eligibility for compensation differs across train companies, but you can generally get a refund on any delay over 15 minutes. Check with the operator what their policy is and apply for the refund through them.

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TIP 4 Avoid travel at peak times
Travelling during peak hours can be expensive, especially to popular destinations. Cheap train tickets can be found on weekdays and during off-peak hours. Peak times typically run in the early morning and evening; look for tickets outside these times to get a bargain.
Tip 5 Book together when travelling in a group
If you are travelling to Basingstoke with friends and looking for cheap train fares, you can save up to 1/3 with a Groupsave discount. Book in a group of 3-9 people during off-peak hours to get the saving. Collect with e-Tickets to avoid numerous paper tickets; the Groupsave discount will be added automatically when your booking is eligible.
Tip 6 Check the price of singles and returns
If you are going on a round trip to Basingstoke, we recommend comparing the price of a return ticket with two singles. We automatically search for and show you the cheapest combination of fares.
Tip 7 Take a slower train
If you don't mind taking longer to reach your destination, taking a less direct train involving changes may get you the cheapest tickets to Basingstoke. If a slower train saves you money, we will automatically show you this journey; if you only want to see the fastest trains, you can select to do so.
Tip 8 Compare the prices of standard-class and first-class train tickets
You can sometimes get the cheapest train tickets if you book a first-class fare rather than a standard Class. If the demand for first-class tickets is low and not many have been sold, operators will reduce the price. You can toggle between standard and first-class tickets when you use Split My Fare.

Visiting Basingstoke


Basingstoke is full of attractions worth visiting, with beautiful nature, museums, and a theatre. Eastrop Park is well worth a visit, especially on a sunny day for a walk or picnic; Crabtree Plantation is a nature reserve with plenty to see, and The Anvil Theatre offers a host of shows, comedy, and music.


There are some great restaurants in Basingstoke with various cuisines on offer. Spicy Tadka is excellent if you're a fan of Indian, The Olive House is known to have amazing hummus, among other offerings, and Yamazaki is perfect for Sushi.


Basingstoke has a good selection of hotels in its town centre. Village Hotel Basingstoke and Premier Inn Basingstoke Town Centre Hotel will provide exactly what you need, while Oakley Hall Hotel is perfect if you're looking for luxury.


Festival Place is a 1.1 million square foot shopping centre in the centre of Basingstoke. The shopping centre features the likes of Next, Marks & Spencer, and Apple, while BrewDog, Côte Brasserie, and Las Iguanas also feature if you're looking for refreshments.

Popular Routes to Basingstoke

Basingstoke Train Station is ideally situated if you commute for work or visit Hampshire for leisure. Several operators run trains to Basingstoke, including South Western Railway, Great Western Railway, and Cross Country. The routes on offer to Basingstoke Train Station include the Basingstoke to Waterloo line, South West Main Line, and West of England Main Line.

Frequently Asked Questions

What train line is Basingstoke on?

Basingstoke is situated on the Waterloo to Basingstoke line, the South West Main Line from Waterloo to Weymouth, the West of England line from Basingstoke to Exeter St Davids, and the Reading to Basingstoke line.

In which county is Basingstoke?

Basingstoke is in the county of Hampshire in the South of England. Southampton, Portsmouth, and Winchester are also situated nearby in Hampshire.

Is Basingstoke a town?

Basingstoke is the largest town in the county of Hampshire with a population of 113,000.

How did Basingstoke get its name?

The name of the town Basingstoke is believed to have derived from the town's position as the outlying, western settlement of Basa's people.