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"I’d rather be on Blackpool Beach than Bondi Beach” Leon Pryce

Blackpool is a seaside town in North West England known for the Pleasure Beach theme park, its three piers and the Blackpool Tower. While many of the younger locals and tourists head to Blackpool for weekend parties, the older clientele can soak up the resort town’s nostalgia. The Blackpool Tower Ballroom remains a go-to destination for ballroom dancing fans, and many would recall Reginald Dixon playing his organ with songs such as, "I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside”.

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There are trains that run regularly from Preston Railway station going to the Blackpool South and Blackpool North railway stations. Blackpool North is the main station and if you’re heading to the Pleasure Beach for a day trip, change at the Kirkham and Wesham railway station and take the South line. Get off at the Pleasure Beach station, which is just before the last station.

Tip 4: Popular destinations at popular times can be pricey
Train prices to Blackpool can be expensive especially if you go at peak times as it is a popular place. You can find the cheapest way to get to Blackpool if you are prepared to go at a quieter time by a quieter route. The price of tickets fluctuate as they are priced on demand so using the Blackpool South station could work out saving you money in comparison to using the main Blackpool North station. Obviously weekends are when most people want to journey to Blackpool to experience the pleasures on offer but if you are willing to go midweek it can be a lot cheaper.

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Tip 7: Use a slower train
Using direct trains to Blackpool may get you there quickly but will not be the most financially beneficial. If you are not in a hurry you can save money by using a slower train on a less direct or local line. If the slower train is less expensive we will show you this option but if you wish to get there faster you can choose to be only shown those trains on our site.

The Blackpool Tower is one of the most popular attractions in the city with truly mesmerising views from the top. You can climb through the seven levels of attractions that include a circus, aquarium and the ballroom, before reaching the observation deck at the top.

Blackpool is the only British resort town that has three piers - the North, Central and South piers. The Central Pier has a giant Ferris wheel ride and other children’s rides, although the South Pier is the busiest of the three. If you want a more relaxing vibe, then the North Pier would be an ideal place to go.

Tip 8: First class tickets may be cheaper than you imagine
Using 1st class tickets on your trip to Blackpool might seem like a luxury but depending on what the demand is they can be surprisingly comparable with standard tickets. If not many 1st tickets have been sold you could buy tickets and even make a saving. Your holiday can start on the train to Blackpool with the luxury of having free drinks, available food and more spacious seating.

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One of the most visited places in Blackpool is the Pleasure Beach. It’s also Britain’s largest funfair park with several roller coasters, including the Big One, which is the tallest rollercoaster in Britain, standing at a height of more than 200 feet.

Tip 10: Consider being flexible in your travel planning
When planning a trip we often have definite ideas of what date and time we want to travel but it is more financially useful if you consider being flexible by using our journey planner to see what your cheapest options are. You could find that travelling at a more unpopular time will help you have more money to spend on Blackpool pleasures.

Main stations in Blackpool

  • Blackpool North
  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  • Blackpool South

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a direct train to Blackpool?

Direct trains to Blackpool run from Manchester Picadilly, Birmingham New Street, Leeds and London Euston.

Can you get a train to Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

There is a railway station at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, though the trains don't run regularly.