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"I didn’t go nightclubbing as a teenager in Bournemouth because my friends and I didn’t have the money – but we spent a lot of time on the beach, having barbecues, and running into the sea in the middle of the night” Amanda Holden

Tip 1: Booking in advance will get the cheaper fares
The lower price tickets by train to Bournemouth are normally available from up to 12 weeks before your departure date so you can purchase them at any point from then. Often these cheapest train tickets in UK sell out quickly so it is best to book as soon as possible to avoid missing out. If you find that you can only book at the last minute you could still cash in by checking if there are any advance tickets still available up to 1 hour before departing.

Tip 2:Try to avoid booking fees
Often train retailers charge booking fees whenever you catch a train with them making your fare dearer. We at Split My Fare don't have booking fees and don't charge you for using your credit card, instead, only if you make a saving by using our split ticketing feature we will deduct 10% of what you save. No split tickets, no deduction. We have built-in purchase protection as we are a National Rail Accredited retailer and can be trusted.

One thing that draws tourists to Bournemouth is its gorgeous seven-mile-long beach. This seaside resort in Dorset attracts both retirees and youthful holidaymakers who want to take part in its vibrant nightlife scene. Bournemouth, however, is not just a party town. It’s also home to a number of great restaurants, exciting water sports activities and interesting hideaways.

Tip 3: When your train is not on time, request a refund
Sometimes, unfortunately, trains don't always a run on time making your arrival at Bournemouth train station delayed. If your train is late you can be eligible for a partial or full refund, Depending on which Train Operating Company you are using so it is best to check on the companies policy and apply using Delay Repay through them. Some companies will payout even if your train is only as little as 15 minutes late.

Tip 4: Keep clear of the more popular routes and times
There can often be cheaper train tickets at off-peak times travelling by less popular routes. Tickets are priced on demand which means carefully planning to make your journey using these criteria can be financially beneficial. If you have the option of travelling midweek and avoiding popular bank holidays and peak holiday times this is a definite way of making savings.

Tip 5: Group bookings will save money
If you are making your journey to Bournemouth as a group you can find the cheapest tickets if you book together and travel together on an off-peak train. Any group of 3-9 people can save up to 1/3 off fares by using a group save discount. To avoid having lots of paper tickets, especially if we split your fare for you, you can use Mobile E-tickets and forward them to the group members, the discount will be automatically discounted at checkout.

£5.58 saving (15%)


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To get to Bournemouth, you can take the Southwest service from London Waterloo station or several other locations across the South coast, such as Poole or Weymouth. Cross-Country trains coming from Manchester via Birmingham New Street station terminate at Bournemouth. There are also several other trains arriving at Bournemouth railway station coming from other cities, such as Newcastle and Nottingham.

Tip 6: Is a return cheaper than 2 single tickets?
If you are planning on making a return journey when visiting Bournemouth you can get the cheapest train tickets by comparing the price of 2 singles, a return and an open return. Sometimes the 2 singles will work out cheapest and sometimes you will find the return tickets or flexible open return prices the best one to select. Using our website we will find you the the best combination to buy to be the most financially beneficial.

Tip 7: Try travelling on a slower train
Some people are in a rush to get to there destination whereas others don't mind taking longer. Using a slower route to Bournemouth and changing trains although making your journey time longer can ensure you are able to save money. If the slower journey is the cheapest we will automatically show you this option to book on our site. If you want to get there quickly you have the option of only seeing those trains.

Tip 8: First class can be cheaper than you think
Amazingly, you can sometimes find that if you buy 1st class tickets to Bournemouth this can be comparable to standard train tickets. This can happen due to fluctuating demand as if there are not many 1st class sold for the journey the train companies reduce the price. This means that there can sometimes savings to made or you can have the benefits of 1st class train travel for a similar amount. This means that you can travel in comfort with bigger seats, more room and free tea and coffee.

Bournemouth is small enough to easily walk around. If you don’t fancy walking, there are local bus services that will take you to some of the most famous attractions in town. Many tourists head to Bournemouth for its beach. The beach’s golden shoreline is seven miles long and lined with thousands of deckchairs and behind it sits ornamental gardens, beachside cafes and playgrounds. There are two piers in the town, the Boscombe Pier and the Bournemouth Pier.

Tip 9: Use a railcard if you are a regular traveller
Buy tickets to your destinations using railcards if possible. There are many railcards for different types of needs which can make the fare cheaper for adults and children. In addition, you will have the additional benefits of free entry to some attractions and other discounts.

With the cost of most Railcards, very low at £30 per year, they are great value for money and you can purchase them for a lower amount by paying for 3 years for around £70.

If you're travelling as a pair, the Two Together Railcard means you can save 1/3 on most tickets.

If you have a family or travel as a big group, then the Family & Friends Railcard will be perfect for you. As well as giving 1/3 off most adult fares, children will receive 60% off most fares. This can be used for up to 4 Adults and 4 Children.

The Senior Railcard, available for those over 60 provides 1/3 off most tickets but is slightly cheaper, with a 3-year card available for just £70!

For Disabled Passengers, you can purchase a Disabled Persons Railcard for just £20 a year, again getting 1/3 off your tickets.

There are other cards to use on your journeys especially for 16-25 year olds and 26-30 year olds. You can see more details on the good points of these cards by checking direct with the railcard website and purchasing them from National Rail Ticket Offices.

Tip 10: Plan with flexibility Flexibility is the name of the game when trying to buy cheap train tickets to Bournemouth. If you are willing to amend your plans by comparing dates and times it can save you money. Travelling on a weekday and avoiding weekends, holidays and bank holidays when there is more demand can lower costs as can travelling at a less popular time of day.

The Russel-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum is a great place to drop by for lovers of history and art. It features a wonderful collection of 19th-century art pieces including Japanese artefacts. The Atrium Art Gallery at Bournemouth University also hosts and showcases interesting artwork by local and international artists.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Bournemouth by train?

You can get directly to Bournemouth from London Waterloo. This usually takes 2h23m with around 50 trains a day.

What train line is Bournemouth on?

Bournemouth is mainly served by South Western Railway on the London-Weymouth and London-Poole line. CrossCountry also runs trains to Bournemouth from Manchester.