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"There is a phrase: ‘the sweet smell of success'. And I can only tell you, I've had two experiences of that and it just smells like Brighton and oyster bars and things like that.” Laurence Olivier

Tell us which destination you want to go to and in no time you could be having fun in the most vibrant UK seaside resort with Will Young and Holly Willoughby (Well you never know). A popular destination for Londoners; Brighton is an ideal destination for Couples, Families, Friends and Professionals. You might want to take a walk around the beautiful royal pavilion, shop on the quirky street that is North Laine or enjoy the views at Ditchling Beacon. Brighton offers an amazing nightlife so ideal for young people with a wide array of pubs, bars and clubs.

Tip 1: Advance booking will get you cheaper fares
To ensure you get the best deals on fares it is best to book in advance instead of waiting until the time of departure. These train tickets are made available by the train companies as far as 12 weeks ahead of travel. They sell quite quickly so it is best to book as early as possible. Sometimes you can get advanced tickets up to an hour before departure but it is best to buy them earlier to avoid disappointment.

Tip 2: Use Split My Fare to save on booking fees
Many ticket retailers charge fees for every journey which you go on with them. We endeavour to make your journey cheaper as we don't charge any credit card or booking fees. If you make a saving on your split ticket from us we charge 10% but only of what you save. As a National Rail Accredited retailer of train tickets we have built-in purchase protection so we can be trusted.

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We recommend a tour of the eclectic shops on The Lanes. If you've got kids a trip to Brighton Pier and the beach is a must.

Train Fact: Brighton has the UK's oldest electric railway (the Volks)

From the UK’s largest annual Pride to some of the best clubbing spots in the country, it’s easy to see why Brighton has become one of UK’s liveliest cities. This English seaside resort town is well-loved by travellers from around the world due to its bohemian, hedonistic vibe. Brighton is the perfect place to let loose and go wild. This has made it a popular holiday destination for both international and domestic tourists to visit.

Tip 3: Claim a refund for delayed journeys
Sometimes trains can unfortunately be delayed and your travel can be disrupted which can cause you inconvenience. If you experience this problem you can claim a partial refund on your Brighton fare with Delay Repay. You can check with the train operating company you are travelling with to find out what the minimum delay is that can be refunded. You may then, if eligible, apply for a refund with the company direct.

Tip 4: Choose to travel on quieter routes at a quieter time to save money
The demand for tickets can often cause the price of journeys to be dearer so it can be advisable, if possible, to stay away from busier city centre stations and more crowded places to make your travel cheaper. This can, however, cause your journey time to be longer. Another way of reducing the price is to choose an off-peak time to travel.

Tip 5: Book together if travelling as a group
When travelling as a group of between 3-9 people you will be eligible to book National Railway tickets with a Groupsave discount to enable you to get cheap train tickets to Brighton. This means that you can get a1/3 discount during off-peak hours if you book together. you want to avoid having a lot of tickets when using Split My Fare you can use Mobile E-tickets and the saving will automatically be added and you can send them to others in the group by phone.

The fastest journey to Brighton from London is to travel from the Gatwick Airport railway station. The journey takes less than half an hour. You can also take the train from London Victoria, which should take less than an hour.

Tip 6: Compare prices of single and return tickets
When looking for cheap tickets to Brighton it is good to check and compare the price of return and single tickets. Often to book 2 singles can be cheaper than a return, an open return can also alter the price. Split My Fare automatically looks at the different combinations and will sell you whichever works out cheapest.

It’s easy to navigate Brighton’s most famous attractions. The Royal Pavilion is a must-see in the city. This used to be the seaside retreat for King George IV and is now one of the most opulent buildings in the UK. Within the renovated stable block of the Royal Pavilion is the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery. This museum features an enthralling collection of 20th-century artworks and artefacts. The Royal Pavilion is located in the heart of the cultural quarter of Brighton, near the North Laine shopping areas and a few minutes walk away from the sea. The Royal Pavilion is only a 15-minute walk from the Brighton Railway Station.

Tip 7: Select a slower train to find savings
If you are not in a rush to arrive at your destination you can get a slower train to Brighton. You could do this by going by a less direct route which could cause a money-saving. If the slower time saves you money Split My Fare will automatically show you the options but if you want the option of getting there faster you can choose to only see those options which will be more direct cheap trains.

Tip 8: Check the price of first-class compared to standard
It may seem strange but it is worth a search of 1st class tickets for Brighton to compare them with standard tickets. The reason for this is that on occasions when standard tickets are selling out 1st class tickets reduce which can mean that they can be cheaper or the same amount. You then also have the added benefit of having food, drinks and a larger seat.

Brighton Pier is another popular attraction in the city and a great place to experience Brighton’s bohemian side. Entertain yourself with some amusement rides and game arcades. From there, take a walk to the west, where you will find the West Pier. This historic pier was closed down in 1975 and started to collapse to the sea in 2002. It has since caught fire twice, marking a sad ending for this historic landmark where the likes of Stan Laurel and Charlie Chaplin used to perform.

Tip 9: Purchase a railcard
If you are a regular user of rail travel it is worth considering purchasing a railcard. Even if you only use it on a few occasions a year it can make saving for you. You can have 1/3 off and the bonus of free entry to attractions and other discounts. There are various types of railcards covering varying groups of people: The Two Together Railcard is £30 per year and gives a 1/3 saving.

The Family and Friends Railcard gives 60% off for children and 1/3 for most adults, it can be used for up to 4 adult passengers and 4 children. This makes it cheaper for a large number of family to travel.
The Disabled Persons Railcard is also £30 and gives a 1/3 discount.

The Senior Railcard is for over 60's and can last for 3years for £70.

There are Network Railcard for 16-25 and 26-30 as well as HM forces railcards. These can all make savings and are on sale from Network Rail Offices and you can check details by making a search on the Railcard website.

Tip 10: Flexibility can help
Another way to save money on your trains to Brighton is by being flexible on your dates and times. If you are willing to travel on a weekday instead of a weekend this can help as there is lower demand. Another good choice for saving money is to travel at more unpopular times of the day.

Main stations in Brighton

  • Brighton
  • London Road (Brighton)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Brighton by train?

You can get to Brighton by train from London or Gatwick easily on the Brighton Main Line operated by Thameslink, Gatwick Express and Southern.

What train line is Brighton on?

Brighton is on the Brighton Main Line, West Coastway Line and East Coastway Line.

How do I get cheap Brighton train tickets?

The best way to get cheap train tickets to Brighton is by splitting your fare with us, it is also worth buying your tickets up to 12 weeks before travel.