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Cheap Trains to Cheltenham

Cheltenham also known as Cheltenham Spa is a spa town situated in the beautiful Cotswolds in Gloucestershire. Cheltenham Spa became known as a spa town after the discovery of mineral springs in 1716 made it known as a health and holiday resort.

Cheltenham sits on the River Chelt and is near to the cities of Gloucester and Worcester as well as Wales. Cheltenham is most well known for its festivals with over 30 a year, including the Cheltenham Literature Festival, the Cheltenham Music Festival, and the Cheltenham Festival, a famous horse racing festival.

Cheltenham Spa train station is on the West Side of the town, near to Montpellier with services operated by several train companies, including CrossCountry and Great Western Railway. From Cheltenham Spa Station, trains run to many cities such as Manchester, Bristol, and London.

On this page, you will find tips for booking cheap train tickets to Cheltenham.

Tip 1 Book in advance to get the cheapest tickets
The earlier you book your train tickets, the more likely you will get cheaper, advance tickets to Cheltenham. Train operators release advance train tickets 12 weeks ahead of travel, but they can sell out fast so the earlier you book the better. You can sometimes buy advance tickets up to an hour before your departure if you can't book 12 weeks in advance and they haven't yet sold out.
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Other retailers of train tickets often add booking fees and credit card fees to the cost of your journey, making train tickets to Cheltenham more expensive. At Split My Fare, we only charge if we make you savings by splitting your ticket. The charge will be 10% of any savings made; if we don't find you a split fare, there will be no charge.
Tip 3 Use Delay Repay if your train is late
Delay Repay allows you to claim a full or partial refund on your train tickets to Cheltenham if your journey is delayed by more than 15 minutes. Entitlement for refunds differs between operators, so it is worth checking with the company you travel.

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TIP 4 Keep clear of popular routes at busy times
You can find cheaper tickets by travelling at off-peak times on less popular routes. Tickets are priced based on demand; as these times are quieter, prices are usually lower. If you can travel on weekdays, avoiding holiday periods, you can make further savings.
Tip 5 Always book together
Cheltenham is a lovely place to travel to with friends; you can save money on your journey if you book together and travel on the same train at off-peak times. 3-9 people can get a group save discount of up to 1/3. If you book through us, the discount will automatically be applied to your journey. If you collect by e-Ticket, you can forward tickets to your group; this avoids the multiple paper tickets you may have if we split your fare.
Tip 6 Check the price of single and return tickets to Reading
If your journey to Cheltenham by train is a return trip, you might expect a return ticket will be the cheapest option; however, this is not always the case. Often, buying two single tickets will work out cheaper. Split My Fare shows you the lowest priced combination of tickets available for your journey.
Tip 7 Travel on slower trains
It might be that you are in no rush to get to your destination. By taking a less direct train to Cheltenham, your journey could be much cheaper. When you book with us, we will show you slower travel options if they cost less. If you need to get to your destination as fast as possible, you can only see faster trains.

Visiting Cheltenham


Cheltenham is well known for its shopping; The Montpellier Arcade is one of the oldest shopping centres in the country. The Promenade, right in the city centre, is full of shops worth visiting.


There is plenty of culture to be found in Cheltenham, as well as the many festivals the town hosts there are museums, galleries, and theatres too.

Food & Drink

Cheltenham has a wide range of restaurants with street food, high street chains, and independent eateries all based here. The pick of Cheltenham is Le Champignon Sauvage, a Michelin Star restaurant.

Popular Routes to Cheltenham

You can easily take trains to Cheltenham from most major UK cities as it runs of several train routes. CrossCountry runs routes from Bristol to Manchester, Cardiff to Nottingham, and Bristol to York which all pass through Cheltenham Spa train station. Transport for Wales operate a route from Maesteg to Cheltenham, while Great Western Railway runs trains from Cheltenham to London.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which train line is Cheltenham on?

Cheltenham is situated on several train lines including the Cardiff to Nottingham, Bristol to Manchester, and Bristol Temple Meads to York lines.

How do you get to Cheltenham races?

You can get to Cheltenham races by taking a train to Cheltenham Spa Station or Cheltenham Station from which the racecourse is a short walk.

Is Cheltenham the same as Cheltenham Spa?

Cheltenham is also known as Cheltenham Spa, however the town has two train stations, Cheltenham Station and Cheltenham Spa Station.

Is parking free at Cheltenham Racecourse?

Car parking is free at Cheltenham Racecourse apart from for The Friday and Saturday of the November Meeting.

Is there a dress code for Cheltenham races?

There is no set dress code for Cheltenham Races but it is advised to dress appropriately for the weather. Fancy dress is permitted as long as the outfit is not offensive.

Is Cheltenham a wealthy town?

Cheltenham is known being quite a posh area. For example, the average house price in Cheltenham is around £395,000.

Why is it called Cheltenham Spa?

The town is called Cheltenham Spa because after mineral springs were discovered in 1916 the town became known as a health and holiday destination.

What time do the gates open at Cheltenham Festival?

The gates for the Cheltenham Festival open at 10:30am for each of the four days of racing.

What are people from Cheltenham called?

People from Cheltenham are called Cheltonians.