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"An hour's ride from Liverpool, through a delightful country, brought us to this place, one of the oldest and most remarkable towns in England.” Willard C. George

Chester is a gorgeous historic city that lies on the River Dee in Cheshire. It is well worth a visit, with its collection of timber-framed houses and red-sandstone buildings surrounded by Roman walls. Chester was a royalist stronghold during the English Civil War; along the walls, you’ll see the tower from which King Charles I used to watch his troops during battle.

Tip 1 Get a cheaper fare by booking in advance
Make sure to buy your tickets as early as possible to save money. Advance fares are made available by train companies up to 12 weeks ahead of departure. Often these tickets sell out quickly, so it is best to buy them as soon as you can. It is, however, possible to purchase advance fares as late as 1hr before departure.
Tip 2 No booking fees
Fees can add to the cost of your trains to Chester Station, at SplitMyFare we don't charge for booking. We only charge 10% of any saving we make you through split ticketing. If you don't make a saving, then there will be no charge.
Tip 3 When there is a delay to your journey, claim a refund
If your train is late in getting to Chester Railway Station, you could be eligible for compensation. A refund is typically available if your train is as little as 15 minutes late. It is worth checking the company's exact policy with which you are travelling. You can make your claim using Delay Repay directly through them.

There are plenty of trains to Chester Station from London Kings Cross. Direct services also run from Liverpool Street station to Birkenhead.

Tip 4 If you're going as a group, then book your train together.
When 3-9 people book to travel on the same off-peak train to Chester together, they will save up to 1/3 off their fares with a Groupsave discount. Selecting to receive e-Tickets enables you to forward them to each member of your group, avoiding the hassle of having lots of paper tickets.
Tip 5 Check the cost of single and return tickets to Chester
When you book a train ticket to Chester, it may seem obvious to purchase a return fare. You could save money by checking if two one-way tickets are cheaper. Split My Fare checks this for you automatically, selling you the cheapest combination for your train.

The galleried arcades are a great attraction to visit; arranged over four streets, they fan out in every direction from the Central Cross. Known as The Rows, they feature a gorgeous mix of Tudor and Victorian architecture.

Tip 6 Take a slower train to Chester
You might want to travel directly to Chester. If you don't mind taking longer to reach your destination, a great way to make a saving is to book a slower train. We will show you this option if it works out cheaper, though you can also select only to see faster trains.
Tip 7 Check the price of first-class tickets to Chester
You would think that a 1st-class train fare to Chester will be more expensive. As demand dictates ticket prices, this is not always the case. If few first-class tickets have been sold, the cost could be similar to, or even cheaper than a standard fare. By booking first-class, you get to travel to Chester train station in a larger seat, with free food and drinks.

Originally built as a Benedictine abbey on top of an older Saxon church's remains, Chester Cathedral is a famous attraction in the city known for its striking medieval architecture. A smaller church worth visiting is the St. John the Baptist Church, also built on the site of an older Saxon church.

The Groves is a riverside path that runs alongside the River Dee starting from Grosvenor Park and heads towards the Old Handbridge. There are tour boats that you can take a trip on down the beautiful river.

Tip 8 Buy a railcard
Regular travellers make significant savings by using a railcard. However, even if you only take the train a few times a year, you can still save money. There are many different cards available, with most costing as little as £30 per year. Usually, savings of up to 1/3 can be made each time you use a railcard.

If you're travelling to Chester as a couple, the Two Together card is a great option. The Family and Friends card enables up to four children to receive 60% off tickets, with up to four adults also saving 1/3. Those over 60 can purchase the Senior Railcard, which costs £30 a year or £70 for three years. There are other Railcards available, including the 16-25, 26-30 and Network Railcard. You can find more information on the Railcard website and buy cards from any National Rail Ticket Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a train to Chester?

The train from London to Chester travels from Euston Station and takes just over 2 hours.

Can you get a train to Chester Zoo?

A train travels directly from Chester to Chester Zoo, taking under 20 minutes.