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"Colchester is Britain's oldest recorded town and was the first city and capital in Roman Britain. Its rich history dates back over 2000 years." VisitColchester

There are five railway stations serving Colchester: Colchester, Town, Hythe, Wivenhoe, and Marks Teys. The town centre of Colchester is easy to navigate, and most of the streets are pedestrian-friendly.

Tip 1: Book as quickly as you can
One of the secrets to being able to find cheaper trains is to book as soon as you can. Advance tickets are normally released by the train companies up to 12 weeks ahead of departure, so watch out for them from then. Demand can be high and they can sell out very quickly so the sooner you make your booking the better. If it isn't possible to book ahead, you may find some of these still for sale up to 1 hour before the train leaves but try not to leave it so late or you could miss out.

Tip 2: Avoid having to pay booking fees
If you have budgeted for your train tickets it can be annoying to find the price raised by the addition of booking fees which many ticket retailers charge for every journey you make. At Split My Fare we don't add booking fees and we won't expect you to pay for using a credit card either, we only charge 10% of any savings we make for you by splitting your fare. No split ticket = no fee.

Tip 3: Refunds are available for late trains
When you are catching a train to Colchester you can't guarantee that you will arrive there at the timetabled time. If you are delayed you should be able to claim a partial or full refund by using the Delay Repay scheme. You need to examine the policy of the train companies you are travelling with to discover what compensation you are due and then make the claim through them. It is possible to get money back for as little as a 15 minute delay.

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Tip 4: Busier routes tend to cost more
Avoiding busier times and routes can be key in your search for the cheapest tickets. Trains are largely priced based on demand, so the more people booking your train, the more money you will have to pay for your journey. As such, travelling somewhere quieter outside the centre of town will probably get you cheaper train tickets to Colchester.

Tip 5: Book together, travel together
When there are between 3-9 passengers travelling together by trains in UK to Colchester savings can be made. You can get 1/3 off the price of your tickets if you book together and travel on the same off-peak train, this discount will automatically be applied for you at checkout when using our website. The simplest way to book together is to choose to receive E-Tickets, so that you can send them to your group, rather than having to print off lots of paper tickets to give out.

The town’s main attraction is the Norman Castle, which was founded by William the Conqueror himself. The castle is known as the twin sister of the Tower of London, both structures were built almost at the same time and had a somewhat similar design. Within the grounds of the castle is a fairly large park known as the Castle Park. It hosts several events, including music festivals and a spectacular fireworks display.

Tip 6: Check the price of single tickets
When you are travelling to and from Colchester we recommend that instead of automatically booking a return fare you check whether 2 singles would be a cheaper option as can sometimes be the case. We do this for you and automatically show you the cheapest ticket selection for your chosen time.

Tip 7: Taking a slower train can cut costs
Colchester has several rail stations, this means that you have the choice of using a direct train or a slower, local line. These slower services tend to be cheaper and at Split My Fare we will automatically show you the cheapest option. Some passengers might be in a hurry to get to their destination, if so with us you can also choose to only see the fastest trains to Colchester.

Tip 8: Look at first class tickets
When buying cheap train tickets it seems very strange to mention looking at first class tickets, you might assume that the prices for these would always be higher but this is not necessarily the case. When demand for first class tickets is low the train companies often reduce the price and you could get one of these tickets for a similar price to a standard fare or even cheaper. This means that you could travel in more comfort with bigger seats and have the benefit of free hot drinks and food service.

For art exhibitions in a gallery, check out Firstsite, a newly constructed contemporary visual arts centre, housed in a striking gold building. Colchester is also home to three museums, the Castle Museum, Hollytrees Museum, and the National History Museum. Each is housed in a beautiful old building, featuring different insights on the rich culture and history of Colchester.

Other places that are worth visiting while in town are Marsea Island, a small island off the estuary of the River Blackwater, the Wivenhoe, a small town downstream of Colchester, and Dedham Vale, a very charming village at the border of Essex and Suffolk not far from the station.

Tip 9: Railcards are a money saver
If you are a regular train passenger, a great tool for saving money is to purchase a railcard. Even if you only travel a few times a year it can be worth it. Most railcards only cost as little as £30 and can save you money each time you use it. There are many different cards to suit different needs. With your card you also have the bonus of unpaid entry to various attraction and further discounts.

The Two Together Railcard, for example, gives two adults discount on most journeys and only costs £30 per year! If you are travelling as a family the Family and Friends Railcard provides 60% off for children and 1/3 off for up to 4 adults when travelling with 4 kids. Disabled passengers are also able to get discounts with the Disabled Persons Railcard, for £30 per year it gives 1/3 off most tickets. For those aged over 60, the senior railcard also offers 1/3 off tickets and you can buy a 3-year card for just £70! Other railcards include the Network Railcard, 16-25 Railcard and 26-30 Railcard. More details can be found via the Railcard website, cards are also available for sale at a National Rail Ticket Office.

Tip 10: Be willing to change your plans
When making a search for the most reasonably priced fares to your destination a key thing is to be flexible in the planning your journeys wherever possible. Making changes to the date or time of travel and avoiding weekends are all great ways to find the best deals.

Main stations in Colchester

  • Colchester
  • Colchester Town
  • Hythe
  • Wivenhoe
  • Marks Tey

Frequently Asked Questions

What train line is Colchester on?

Colchester is on the Great Eastern Main Line, with regular trains to London via Liverpool Street Staton.

How do I get to Colchester Zoo by train?

Colchester Zoo is easily reached from Colchester Train Station by taking a 10 minutes taxi or bus.

What is Colchester famous for?

Colchester is famous for being Britain's oldest town, retaining much of its ancient architecture.