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"I love the place. I felt I've always been a loyal person. I take pride in the sense of belonging.” Steve Ogrizovic

Tip 1: Book your ticket in advance to get cheap train tickets
Advance tickets are released twelve weeks in advance of departure by Train Operating Companies, these tickets provide a great way of getting the cheapest train tickets to Coventry. The further in advance you book, the more likely you are to get these tickets, as they can get booked up quickly. You can purchase them up to an hour before departure if they are still available.

With its exciting mix of industry and amenities, the city of Coventry is both a manufacturing hub and a cathedral city. The city faced a setback when the British motor industry collapsed in the 80s but has since recovered, thanks to its redeveloped university, vibrant culture and exciting events celebrated here throughout the year.

Tip 2: Avoid booking fees on trains to Coventry
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Tip 3: If your train is delayed, claim a refund
Even if you are delayed by as little as 15 minutes, you can make a claim a refund using the Delay Repay scheme. Check the policy of the train operator you are travelling with for further information and then claim the compensation through them.

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Coventry railway station is situated on the central London to Birmingham rail line and the Bournemouth to Manchester Piccadilly line. There are three trains every hour to Coventry coming from London Euston station with the journey taking just an hour.

Tip 4: Popular routes and destinations are more expensive
The cost of train tickets is based on demand, so travelling on a less direct route to a less popular train station can save you money. Avoid busy city centre stations at rush hours, weekends and during holidays for a cheaper trip.

Tip 5: Make one reservation when travelling as a group for cheap train tickets
If 3-9 people book in one go and travel on the same off-peak train they can get 1/3 off, with this discount applied at checkout. Receiving E-tickets will be more convenient when you do this as you simply forward the tickets on rather than giving paper tickets to everyone.

There are lots of ways to get around the Coventry, as it is home to the Black Cab, you’ll find plenty of them here. You can start at the Cathedral Quarter, a medieval Gothic structure built during the 14th and 15th century. From here, travel to the Lunt Roman Fort, an archaeological site that features exhibits about life in the Roman period.

Tip 6: Two singles could be cheaper than a return
It might be obvious to book a return ticket when you aren't doing a one-way trip but this is not necessarily the cheapest option. It is also worth comparing how much 2 single tickets are against a return ticket to see which is cheapest, at Split My Fare we will automatically look at the different combinations to give you the cheapest option.

Coventry is home to some great museums, such as the Midland Air Museum showcasing the work of Sir Frank Whittle, the pioneer of the jet engine and the Coventry Transport Museum featuring the biggest collection of British road transport. If you’re into art, check out the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum with an eclectic display of sculptures and paintings, including works by David Hockney, TS Lowry and Stanley Spencer.

Tip 7: Check the price of a first-class fare for cheap train tickets
It may seem strange but travelling 1st-class may be an alternative way of getting cheap train tickets. If these tickets are in low demand it is possible to purchase them at a similar or even cheaper price than standard fares. Travelling first-class also means you get the added bonus of bigger seats and complimentary food and drink on your journey.

Tip 8: Use a Railcard for cheaper tickets
A great way to find savings is by using a railcard and there are options available to suit different needs. There's more information on the railcard site and you can buy them at any National Rail Ticket Office. You don't have to travel regularly to make savings as it is possible to get cheaper tickets even if you travel just 3 times a year. Most Railcards cost £30 a year and some are only £70 for three years, with most railcards giving you 1/3 off each time they are used.

The Two Together card is for two people who travel with each other regularly, while the Family and Friends card provides 60% discount for children and 1/3 off for adults when up to 4 adults and 4 children travel together on the same journey. There are also cards for Over 60's, Disabled Persons and members of the Armed Forces. There are also railcards for younger passengers with specific ones available for 16-25 yr olds and 26-30 yr olds.

Coventry is known for its annual Christmas light switch-on, which happens every year in mid-November. The event also includes musical performances, firework displays and other entertaining activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Coventry worth visiting?

Coventry is well worth visiting, despite being severely damaged in WW2 it has rebuilt itself into a city with many attractions and still retains some of its medieval architecture.

What is Coventry famous for?

Coventry is famous for its castle, cathedral and transport museum.