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"Darlington is a town in County Durham. Best known for its pioneering role in the development of the railway in the 19th Century." WikiVoyage

Thanks to the influence of local Quaker families during the Georgian and Victorian Era, Darlington, which is Darlo to the locals, flourished into the English market town that it is known today.

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There are plenty of pedestrians in Darlington who love a good sale. The place is abuzz with a wide range of designer and high street brands as well as markets of the best quality. Tourists can enjoy a great lunch in a continental restaurant or go to a pub if they fancy a pint.

Darlo locals take pride in their world-famous railway heritage and rightfully so. As such, you have to make the Darlington Railway Museum one of your first stops, so you don’t miss out on Stephenson’s “Locomotion”.

Darlo is also where you can find North East’s number one leisure venue, The Dolphin Centre, where you can enjoy a splash in one of the four pools and let off some steam while you’re at it.

Take a lovely walk along the gorgeous South Park or feast your eyes on the sculptures displayed at West Park. When evening comes, and you happen to be with someone special, you will not run out of choices, as the town doesn’t fall behind when it comes to the music scene. You will love the Edwardian Civic Theatre, Arts Centre and the latest music venue, The Forum.

From most of the country’s largest towns and cities, you can reach Darlington by train through Bank Top Station on the East Coast Mainline.

Main stations in Darlington

  • Darlington
  • North Road

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Darlington famous for?

Darlington is famous for being the birthplace of modern train travel.

Where in the UK is Darlington?

Darlington is in the North East of England, just north of Yorkshire, in County Durham.