Trains to Exeter

"Well-heeled and comfortable, Exeter exudes evidence of its centuries-old role as the spiritual and administrative heart of Devon.” Lonely Planet

Exeter is Devon’s county city and the administrative capital of the United Kingdom's southwest peninsula. This historic cathedral city is known for its good blend of culture, education, retail, arts, and history. Today, Exeter serves as the commercial and service centre for the largely agricultural hinterland. The city has excellent facilities for tourists, although the tourist scene does not really dominate. Yet, it gets voted regularly as among the top 3 cities in the UK to live.

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The Exeter St. Davids railway station is the principal stop for trains to Exeter. It lies along the line of London Paddington to Cornwall, with an hourly train service coming from the London Paddington station most of the day. In addition there are several smaller train stations in Exeter serving local and regional services, including St. James’s Park, St Thomas, and Central. The city centre is only a 5-min walk from Exeter train station station.

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The central area of Exeter is fairly small and can be easily explored on foot. Begin your tour at the Exeter Cathedral, the city’s top attraction. This magnificent Gothic-style cathedral is said to possess the longest unbroken stone of roof beam in the world. The Powderham Castle is another historic building in Exeter that was built in 1391 and used to be the home of the Earl of Devon.

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Another historical building that’s worth a visit in Exeter is the Guildhall, which is said to be the oldest municipal building in the entire England that is still being used for its original purpose. The Historic Quayside of Exeter that includes the Custom House built in the 17th century has been recently renovated and is now the headquarters of the Exeter archaeological service. There are also medieval churches featuring remarkable architecture and are scattered within the city centre. Among these are the St. Mary Arches, St. Martin’s, St. Olave’s, and St. Mary Steps.

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Other famous attractions in Exeter are the Parliament Street, said to be the world’s narrowest street, the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, the St. Nicholas Priory, and the Rougemont Castle.

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In-the-know travellers to Exeter cite the local restaurants and eateries as a fantastic reason to visit the city. The Pig and Pallet is a delicious independent American style BBQ eatery, using only locally grown and reared produce from Devon. Not only is the food delicious, the atmosphere and staff are well worth a visit but make sure to book early enough in advance to get a seat.

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Main stations in Exeter

  • Exeter
  • Exeter St David's
  • Exeter St Thomas
  • St James Park

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Exeter?

The fastest way is to take the train to Exeter St. Davids from London, it takes just over two hours to get from London Paddington to Exeter on GWR's fast service. Alternatively, you can take the West Coast mainline from Birmingham or the North of England - times will vary depending on where you are but typically express services all stop in Exeter.

How many train stations are there in Exeter?

There are four major train stations in Exeter. Of these, Exeter St. Davids is the main station where intercity services stop.