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"Its designation as UK City of Culture in 2017 has given the town a massive confidence boost and redevelopment of its waterfront and Old Town has sparked a minor cultural flowering.” Lonely Planet

Formally known as Kingston Upon Hull, Hull is a city in Yorkshire with an economy tied into its sea-side location. In 2017, Hull was awarded as the UK City of Culture, which gave the area a massive boost of confidence. The redevelopment of its waterfront and Old Town has sparked cultural flowering, especially at the Fruit market district in Humber Street where derelict buildings have been reclaimed and converted into artist studios, bars, and cafes.

Tip 1: Cheap fares are found in advance
The lowest priced train fares to Hull are usually made available by train companies for journeys around 12 weeks prior to travel. These low price train tickets tend to sell out fast due to high demand so you'll need to get them as quickly as possible. Usually you have until the last hour before travel to access them but the advance fares sell out much quicker than this so act quickly.

£3.80 saving (15%)


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Tip 2: Don't get charged booking fees
Most retailers of train tickets charge fees each time a train fare is booked on each journey. Trainline charges up to £1.50 flat rate per journey for example, however Split My Fare does not charge a booking fee or charge you for using a credit card. Only if you make a saving by splitting your train fare will we take a small 10% cut of the saving - all with a national rail accredited seller.

The Hull Paragon interchange is located within the city centre of Hull and provides easy access between the coach, trains, and local bus services. There are various intercity trains to Hull every day coming from London Kings Cross station (served by London North Eastern Railway). If you’re coming from Sheffield station, you can take the hourly fast services of the Northern Rail via Doncaster. A local service coming from the York railway station also runs regularly, with trains from the North.

Tip 3: Fares can be Subject to Delay Repay
Delay Repay is a scheme that means you can claim a partial or full refund is on your train tickets to Hull when your train journey is delayed by 15 minutes or more. The return journey is not always subject to delay repay so do check with your train company when buying your fare to find out what their policy is.

The Old Town of Hull is worth exploring, where beautiful Georgian townhouses line its cobblestone streets. This is also where the recently renovated Fruit Market can be found, along with art studios, vintage shops, as well as independent cafes and bars.

Tip 4: Popular Destinations At Popular Times Are Expensive
Cheaper fares on Hull trains can be found outside of peak travel times, meaning you should try not to make a journey during weekends, rush hour and popular holidays. Weekdays during the day are usually the cheapest way of getting to your destination, but check our journey planner to see the cheapest times to buy tickets. If you avoid the busiest city centre stations this can also make savings.

Check out the Queen Victoria Square, which lies in the centre of Hull, featuring wide shopping streets lined with art galleries and museums, such as the Ferens Art Gallery and the Maritime Museum. The magnificent Queens Gardens is also worth checking out. Built above the old Queens dock, the gardens opened in 1930 and features fascinating flowerbeds with a large seating area.

Tip 5: Buying Together Saves
National Rail gives a group save discount on fares, so a group of 3 to 9 people can get 1/3 discount during off-peak hours and enjoy travelling together. If you book using a mobile E-Tickets it will help as you can then forward them to your group members instead of having to print numerous paper tickets.

The Deep is a fantastic aquarium with a selection of penguins, deep sea fish, jellyfish all set in 2.5 million litres of salt water. The underwater viewing tunnel is an absolute must for couples and families - with admission for a family being very reasonable especially outside the school holiday timetable.

Tip 6: Check Out Both Singles & Returns
Trains to Hull often have different prices for single and returns depending on where you're travelling from. Even if you are wanting a return journey it can often be that two one-way tickets can prove cheaper than a return - so check both when you buy tickets. You could find that a fully flexible open return might be the best price.

Tip 7: Try Slower a Service
Some slower trains have cheaper priced tickets , if you aren't bothered about getting to Hull in a rush, use a less direct service to help you save. We'll show you these options automatically on our website. If you want to see the fastest options we can show you only them to make it easier to find them.

Tip 8: Try Normal & First Class
When demand on a route is particularly low, first class fares will sometimes be reduced to at or near the normal standard fare. Using this option can improve your experience as you will get food, a more comfortable seat and free wi-fi in most cases meaning that you arrive at your destination more relaxed.

Tip 9: For Regular Travellers - Get A Railcard
Railcards are a useful means of getting the best savings as they permit you to save 1/3 off fares on most journeys. You will get additional benefits like free entry to attractions & many other discounts too.

Most railcards cost aorund £30 - the Two Together Railcard, for example, allows 2 adults to save 1/3 on most fares.

The Family and Friends Railcard provides 60% off fares for children and 1/3 off almost all adult fares for up to 4 kids and 4 adults.

The senior railcard offers the same discount, but at a reduced cost of £70 for three years.

Disabled passengers are able to get discounts on their tickets with the Disabled Persons Railcard - £30 a year and 1/3 off most tickets.

Other Railcards include the Network Railcard, 16-25 yr olds Railcard and 26-30 yr olds Railcard.

You can find more information on the railcard website and cards can be found on sale at a Railway Bookings Office.

Tip 10: Travel Flexibly To Save
Please use our journey planner to search for the cheapest journey date and time to travel, often trains which depart at unusual times can save you money. The secret to making the best savings is to be willing to be flexible in your planning and look for the best deals in order to reach your destinations with more money in your pocket.

Main stations in Hull

  • Hull
  • Hull Bus Station

Frequently Asked Questions

What does First class get you on Hull Trains?

You can expect to get a wide, reclining seat with extra leg room and a full size tray table. You also get complimentary food and drink and a dedicated board host. There is also free Wi-Fi and complimentary newspapers

Can I upgrade to first class on Hull Trains?

Yes you can but it may cost you more if you're upgrading from a standard class ticket.

How fast do Hull Trains go?

Hull Trains have bought some brand new Hitachi class 800 trains that can travel up to 140MPH.