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Cheap Trains to Inverness

"I am legitimately Scottish. I can officially say — yes. Yeah, I am from Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland." Karen Gillan

Inverness is at the heart of the Scottish Highlands, across the River Ness on the Great Glen's northern portion. The town overflows with visitors in the summer looking for the Loch Ness Monster. The city is worth visiting for a stroll along the river or taking a cruise on the Loch.

Tip 1 Buy your ticket as early as you can
For the best chance of saving money on train tickets to Inverness, book as soon as possible. The train operating companies release advance tickets up to 12 weeks before the departure date so you can search any time from then. These fares often sell out quite quickly with high demand, so try to plan ahead to book them. If you can't book until the day you travel these tickets can be bought up until an hour before your train leaves, though they may not always be available.
Tip 2 Try to avoid paying booking fees
You will find that lots of retailers add an extra cost for booking your train ticket. At Split My Fare we don't charge you to make bookings and won't make you pay a fee to use your credit card fee either. The only charge we make is 10% of any savings you make by splitting your ticket; if we don't find you a split, you won't pay a fee.
Tip 3 Refunds are available
If your train is delayed either on departure or arriving at your destination, you could be eligible for compensation. The amount available varies depending on the train operating company you are travelling with, so you need to check their policy. Some companies will pay out for delays as small as 15 minutes. You can then claim the refund directly through them using the Delay Repay scheme.
Tip 4 Busy routes are more expensive
Ticket prices are based on demand and fluctuate as such. One of the best ways to make savings is to avoid busier routes and more popular times. You can find the cheapest rail tickets to Inverness outside peak hours; it is also worth avoiding travelling at weekends and during holidays.

Located in the city centre, plenty of train services run to Inverness Railway Station from London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. If you want a scenic train ride, take Thurso railway station's route to Wick railway station. Taking the Caledonian from London Euston station is also a great way to travel to the city, leaving during the night and arriving the next morning.

Tip 5 When travelling together, book together
If you have a group holiday in Inverness or are visiting with work colleagues, you don't need to pay your tickets full price. Savings can be made with a groupsave discount if 3-9 passengers all book together and travel on the same off-peak trains. You can get 1/3 off your tickets, and we automatically apply the discount. If you select e-Tickets, it is easy to forward these to your group members, avoiding the hassle of passing on lots of paper tickets.
Tip 6 Check if a return fare is cheapest
When you go to Inverness by train, you may need to make a return journey and assume it's best to book a return ticket. It might not necessarily be the cheapest option; it is worth checking how much two single tickets cost as they could be more affordable. You don't have to do this yourself, we check this for you and provide the cheapest ticket option.

There are quite a few places worth visiting in Inverness, the most notable being Inverness Castle situated at the end of the western pedestrian zone. Built in 1847 to replace the old medieval castle that got destroyed, the castle is relatively new and houses the Sheriff Court.

Tip 7 Less direct trains can make savings
Inverness is a long way North if you are travelling from England, so you may want to break up your journey. Slower trains on a less-direct service can save you money; we will let you know when it's the cheapest option. If you want to get to Inverness as quickly as possible, you can select the Fastest Train option to see these journeys.
Tip 8 First-class isn't always more expensive
On long journeys it is nice to have comfort, if you are not going on a sleeper train to Inverness, you can look at how much it costs to travel first class. It may not be as expensive as you think. You will find reduced prices when the demand for these tickets is low, meaning first-class tickets can sometimes be similar to a standard fare or even cheaper. You get more room, with bigger seats and free food and drink on your journey, meaning you can arrive at your destination in style.

If you like museums and art, check out the Inverness Museum & Art Gallery, which has a fantastic collection of Pictish stones, including historical weapons and wildlife dioramas. Another museum in Inverness is ShipSpace, an interactive and evolving museum showcasing large ships and interesting nautical artefacts. The Old High Church at Church Street is also a must-visit, it’s the oldest church in the city and visitors go on a Historic Tour of it every Friday.

Tip 9 Buying a railcard can reduce costs
One of the best ways to get cheap tickets is to purchase a railcard if you are a regular traveller. There are many different cards available; you can look for the best one for you on the railcard website. You can buy railcards at any National Rail Ticket Office. They cost as little as £30 annually; you can buy some for £70 for three years, most can save you 1/3 off tickets every time you travel. All Train Operating Companies accept railcards; even if you only use the card on a few occasions, it can save you money.

Couples can use the Two Together Railcard when travelling to Inverness. It costs just £30 and will save you on average 1/3 off most fares.

The Family and Friends Railcard gives children a massive 60% off their tickets and offers 1/3 off most adult fares. Up to four adults and four children can use the card.

Those in their 60s or older can use the Senior Railcard. It provides 1/3 off most fares; the 1-year railcard is £30 and a 3-year card just £70.

The Disabled Person Railcard offers discounts for disabled passengers. It costs just £20 a year and offers 1/3 off most train fares.

There are numerous other Railcards available, including the 16-25, 26-30 and Network Railcard.
Tip 10 Being flexible is key to making savings
If you are willing to make changes to your plans, it can reduce your journey's cost. Use our booking engine to look at different days and times to see if there are cheaper tickets to save you money. The more flexible you are, and the earlier you buy your tickets, the more chance you will find more affordable fares.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a sleeper train to Inverness?

The Caledonian Sleeper train to Inverness is on the highlander route, running from London.

How do I get to Inverness?

You can get to Inverness from Edinburgh in around 4 hours with trains running regularly from Edinburgh Waverley.

What is Inverness famous for?

Inverness is the main city in the Highlands and as such, provides an excellent gateway to the many Islands.