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"My love of New York is something to do with Liverpool. There is the same quality of energy in both cities.” John Lennon

In Liverpool, there are many great attractions to enjoy, or you can take a walk around the beautiful waterfront and docks. The Beatles hail from this city; you can visit the Beatles Museum. or the houses where Paul McCartney and John Lennon grew up. Enjoy the atmosphere of Anfield, or Goodison Park, and see the largest Anglican Cathedral in Europe.

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We recommend a visit to Casbah Coffee Club if you're old enough to remember the Beatles. Should you be a fan of Live Music, then the Cavern Club is a must-visit. For those with children, Knowsley Safari is fantastic.

The Liverpool and Manchester Railway was the first successful passenger-carrying service in the world. George Stephenson carried out trials for his steam locomotive on this line in 1829.

Tip 4 Off-peak travel is cheaper
Demand affects the price of train tickets, so travel on quieter routes at less busy times to make savings. Avoid travelling to Liverpool Central and choose one of the nearby stations instead to get a cheaper fare. Choosing to travel during the week, rather than at weekends also helps.
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Liverpool is a vibrant city with an impressive cultural heritage dating back many centuries. In 2008, the city bagged the title of the European Capital of Culture. In 2004 UNESCO included the city’s Pier Head Waterfront on their World Heritage Site list. An on-going urban regeneration program has revamped the city, transforming it into one of the most beautiful cities in northern England.

Top Liverpool Tours and Attractions

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The biggest station in Liverpool is Lime Street; it's well-served by regular rail services from Birmingham New Street, London Euston, Manchester Piccadilly, and Newcastle. It is the end station for the West Coast Line, the direct journey to London can be as little as 2 hours 1 minute. The station is a visitors attraction in itself; made from impressive glass and steel, it is a perfect example of Victorian architecture.

With Liverpool’s long-standing history, it’s not surprising to find historical sites and landmarks all over the city. UNESCO has awarded six World Heritage Sites to Liverpool. Among the most remarkable historical sites in Liverpool are the Liverpool Cathedral and the St. George’s Hall.

Tip 7 Travelling first class is sometimes a good option
If demand for 1st class fares is low, rail companies often reduce ticket prices. Sometimes it is possible to get 1st class tickets at a similar price to standard, or cheaper. Travelling first class has the advantages of free food and drink and bigger seats.
Tip 8 Railcards help
A great way to save money on train tickets to Liverpool is to purchase a railcard. There is a massive choice of cards that could save you money. Most cost just £30 a year, and you can make savings from using a card as little as three times. Among the Railcards available are the: Two Together, Family and Friends, Senior, Disabled Persons, Armed Forces 16-25, 26-30 and Network Railcards. Check the railcard website for more information on these cards or visit your local National Rail Ticket Office.

Liverpool is home to many museums. The most notable are the Merseyside Maritime Museum, International Slavery Museum, and the World Museum. The Beatles Story is a famous attraction, devoted entirely to the band's music that hails from the city.

There are several parks in Liverpool that are worth visiting. Otterspool is the best place for outdoor activities, and Sefton is a designated English Heritage site with 235-acre of land.

Main stations in Liverpool

There are four train stations in Liverpool, with Liverpool Lime Street and Liverpool Central being the busiest in the city. When searching for journeys to Liverpool, you can select to travel to any Liverpool Station and we will find the best and lowest-priced option for your trip.

Popular Routes to Liverpool

Liverpool Lime Street is a major UK station, so there are many options of routes you can take to reach the city. Trains travel to Liverpool on the West Coast Main Line or via other routes from cities including Glasgow, London, and Birmingham. For more information on the route from London to Liverpool, visit the page below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a train to Liverpool?

Liverpool has numerous busy stations meaning it is very easy to get a train to Liverpool directly from most major cities.

Is Liverpool worth visiting?

Liverpool is a beautiful and historic city with beautiful architecture, meaning it is well worth visiting.

How do I get cheap train tickets to Liverpool?

The best way to get cheap train tickets to Liverpool is by obtaining split tickets through our website.