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"Neither claimed any responsibility for Milton Keynes but both reported it as a success” Terry Pratchett

Having only been established in the 1970s, Milton Keynes is a modern city. Although this may lead some people to claim that this city is not historic and cultural, the city used excellent urban planning to make it easy to navigate and prosper. Nowadays, Milton Keynes is a thriving city, with new innovative businesses alongside state-of-the-art entertainment hubs and a peaceful canal. It certainly has many things to offer!

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Visiting Milton Keynes by Train

Milton Keynes is located conveniently on both the West Coast Main Line and the M1 motorway meaning there are many ways to get in and out of the town.

West Midlands and Virgin Trains maintain rail connections to Milton Keynes and there are frequent services that connect the Milton Keynes Central railway station to London Euston, as well as stations in Northampton, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester and further north.

The best way to get around Milton Keynes is through public buses or the MK Metro which provide good coverage for all of the town’s estates.

The town has claimed to be the home of the modern computer since Alan Turing cracked the German Enigma codes at Milton Keynes’ Bletchley Park. This is said to be of utmost importance to the development of the computer, which has now been recognised in a museum at the site which also has plenty of activities and exhibits for both adults and children. The National Museum of Computing is also located in Milton Keynes and is home to both the world’s electronic computer and the world’s oldest working digital computer.

Milton Keynes is also famous for its concrete cows. These are art installations by artist Liz Leyh and can be found in Bancroft. Another recognizable feature in the town is the giant Xscape dome, which is home to 16 cinema screens and the biggest indoor ski slope in the UK. At Willen Lake North, there is The Peace Pagoda, which is said to be the first example of one in the Western world and is worth visiting for a tranquil experience.