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Cheap Trains to Milton Keynes

"Neither claimed any responsibility for Milton Keynes but both reported it as a success” Terry Pratchett

Tip 1: Book in Advance
The sooner you can make your booking the more chance there is so save money. The reason for this is that advance tickets are released by train operating companies as far in advance as 12 weeks before your date of travel and are normally released at a lower price. These tickets can sell out quickly so the sooner you can book the better to avid disappointment. If it isn't possible to plan your journeys ahead it is still possible to buy these tickets up to 1 hour before departing if they are still available.

Tip 2: Don't pay booking fees
With some ticket retailers you can find that they will charge booking fees for every time you travel which raises the amount you spend. Here at Split My Fare we don't charge for booking or for the use of your credit card. The only additional costs you will have is 10% of any savings we make for you by splitting your fare. No split then no charge. You can trust us as we have built-in purchase protection as we are an accredited ticket retailer.

Having only been established in the 1970s, Milton Keynes is a modern city. Although this may lead some people to claim that this city is not historic and cultural, the city used excellent urban planning to make it easy to navigate and prosper. Nowadays, Milton Keynes is a thriving city, with new innovative businesses alongside state-of-the-art entertainment hubs and a peaceful canal. It certainly has many things to offer!

Tip 3: If delayed get compensation
Late trains can be annoying and an inconvenience but using the Delay Repay scheme you can get compensation. Depending on which train operator you are travelling with you can claim for a full or partial refund even if you were only delayed for as little as 15 minutes. It is best to check the information on the policy of the operating company to find out if you are eligible and if you are apply for your refund through them.

Tip 4: Avoid the more popular routes
Quieter travel as well as being more enjoyable than a very busy train can also bring you financial benefits. The price of train tickets is based on demand so the less busy trains to Milton Keynes can be worth considering to make your train tickets cheaper. Avoiding popular dates such as bank holidays and popular holiday times can help financially and it is definitely best to stay away from peak hours.

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Milton Keynes


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Milton Keynes


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Tip 5: Going as a group then book together
If you are going as a group you can get cheap train tickets to Milton Keynes by booking together and travelling together. You can then achieve 1/3 off by getting a groupsave discount. The only thing to watch out for is that to get the discount you must, book together and travel on the same off-peak trains to the same destinations. It is always best to make group bookings using mobile E-Tickets as instead of printing off numerous paper tickets that you have to hand out to each member of the group you can simply forward the tickets to them by mobile.

Tip 6: Returns aren't always cheapest
Return travel tickets may seem to be the obvious choice when going to and from Milton Keynes by train but they are not necessarily the cheapest . Search our website and see whether savings can be made by buying two single fares or find out whether a fully flexible open return journey could be the cheapest buy. With Split My Fare we will automatically work out which is the most cost effective option for you and recommend it to you.

Milton Keynes is located conveniently on both the West Coast Main Line and the M1 motorway meaning there are many ways to get in and out of the town.

West Midlands and Virgin Trains maintain rail connections to Milton Keynes and there are frequent services that connect the Milton Keynes Central railway station to London Euston, as well as stations in Northampton, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester and further north.

Tip 7: Slower trains can make savings
I you are in a hurry to get to Milton Keynes central station you will obvious want to get a quicker direct train and it may be unavoidable to pay more for this option which you can see by choosing to see only the fastest trains when using our site. if you don't mind going at a more leisurely pace you can go by less direct routes and maybe use a local trainline for your journey. We will automatically show you the cheapest alternative for your journey.

Tip 8: Standard fares might not be cheapest
It is possible to hit on a bargain when buying first class train tickets. You would think that they are the more expensive but if there is low demand for them they can work out at the same price or even cheaper than standard class tickets. On our website you can search for these tickets by using a useful dropdown so that you can toggle between first class and standard to find and buy these cheap tickets when they are available for your journey. The great bonus is that if you manage to travel first class you will have a bigger seat and food and drinks available arriving at the platform in Milton Keynes in style.

The best way to get around Milton Keynes is through public buses or the MK Metro which provide good coverage for all of the town’s estates.

The town has claimed to be the home of the modern computer since Alan Turing cracked the German Enigma codes at Milton Keynes’ Bletchley Park. This is said to be of utmost importance to the development of the computer, which has now been recognised in a museum at the site which also has plenty of activities and exhibits for both adults and children. The National Museum of Computing is also located in Milton Keynes and is home to both the world’s electronic computer and the world’s oldest working digital computer.

Tip 9: If you travel often get a railcardIf you take regular railway journeys a railcard is a great way to save money. Even if you only travel as little as three times a year savings can be made. There are many types of railcard to suit the needs of a variety of people and you should find one to help you save when you buy tickets. Most railcards mean that you achieve a discount of 1/3 off and a railcard normally only costs £30 per year.

The Two Together railcard means that two people who travel together can save.

The Family and Friends railcard means that children can travel for 60% of the normal price and there will be 1/3 off adult fares when up to 4 adults and 4 children travel.

There is a Senior Railcard which costs £70 if you buy a 3 year railcard. A Disabled Persons railcard and cards for the members of Her Majesty's forces all of these achieve up to 1/3 discount on fares.

There is also a Network Railcard and 16-25 yr olds and 26-30 yr olds railcards which help you book tickets with discounts.

You will find more information available on the railcards website and railcards can be bought from National Railway Ticket Offices.

Tip 10: Flexible planning can mean financial benefits
When looking for cheap tickets to Milton Keynes a key thing to remember is to be flexible in your planning. If you are willing to make changes to find times or dates savings can easily be made. You could find an advance ticket at an off-peak time available which makes your journeys cheap and the easiest way to do this is if you access our journey planner to find them.