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"Let any stranger find me so pleasant a county, such a good way, large heath, three such places as Norwich, Yar. and Lin. in any county of England, and I'll be once again a vagabond to visit them.” Sir Thomas Browne

Norwich is known for being an affluent and easy-going city. It is a rich tapestry of meandering alleys sprinkled with architectural gems. In the city centre, you’ll find the impressive Norman castle and a magnificent cathedral with half-timbered buildings in between that beautifully line the quiet lanes. In 1960, Norwich gained a university, thanks to the foundation of the University of East Anglia, which has helped the city’s local culture flourish.

Tip 1: Buy a ticket in advance and save money
Booking in advance is one of the best ways to buy cheap train tickets to Norwich. Advance tickets are released by the train companies up to 12 weeks before your departure date. It is best to book as early as possible as if there is high demand they may quickly be sold out. If you are unable to plan your travel early it is possible to book these tickets up to 1hr ahead of travel but there is the risk that they will already be sold out so the quicker you can book the better to avoid disappointment.

Tip 2: Make a saving by avoiding booking fees
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Despite the fact that Norwich is a large city, it only has one railway station. Formerly known as Norwich Thorpe, the station is a terminus where many services begin and end. There are main train routes that run south towards London via Ipswich and Colchester. The Norwich station is about a 10-minute walk away from the city centre, although there are plenty of bus stops outside for those who do not want to walk.

Tip 3: Make sure you get a refund if your train is late
Journeys to Norwich station could unfortunately be delayed, as can any train, so make sure you use Delay Repay if you find yourself in this situation. Depending on the specific train operator you are using you could be eligible for a full or partial refund even if the delay is as little as 15 minutes. It is best to check the information of their policy and then claim your compensation through them.

Tip 4: Busy places can be pricey
A useful piece of advice we give when you are looking for cheap train tickets is that it is better to avoid busy times and popular places wherever possible. This is because ticket costs are worked out depending on demand so if there is more demand the tickets are higher priced. Peak hours are normally the most expensive so it is best to choose a quieter time of day if you can. Try to travel on a week day and avoid bank holidays and busy holiday dates wherever possible.

Tip 5: If you are going away as a group then book together
If you are making your journey with a group of friends or work colleagues by train to Norwich you can save money by booking together. If 3-9 people book together and travel together at off-peak times a 1/3 discount is available by using groupsave. The discount will be applied automatically at checkout although savings can depend on the network you are using. Mobile E-Tickets are the most convenient for group travel as you can forward the tickets to group members instead of having to print off lots of paper tickets and you will find it especially beneficial if we have managed to split your fare.

The city centre of Norwich is fairly compact and therefore can be explored by foot. It’s also bicycle-friendly, with most of the major streets having separate bicycle lanes and cycle tracks.

Tip 6: Single and Return ticket prices need to be compared
If you are going to make a return journey to Norwich train station you will probably automatically book a return ticket. This is not necessarily the cheapest option and it can be useful to search and see whether 2 single train tickets will save you money. The other option is to book a fully flexible open return if you are unsure of your return date. All this can be done for you automatically by Split My Fare as we will look at the various options and find out which one is cheapest and recommend it to you.

Tip 7: Travel to Norwich on slower trains
You may be making a quick visit to Norwich and want to use the speediest trains available, we can allow you to see only these direct options when using our website. However, you may not mind taking a slower, less direct route which may use a local trainline and even make train changes in order to purchase a cheap ticket. If you want to follow this option we can work out these and recommend the best money saving alternatives.

Tip 8: 1st class tickets aren't always expensive
Travelling in more luxury using a 1st class train ticket may be something you think would be too expensive for your budget but there might be a way. If 1st class tickets are available because there has not been demand for them you can get them at prices comparable to or even cheaper than standard tickets. The good points about this are that it means that your journey could be spent in greater comfort in more roomy seats with free tea and coffee.

One of the most notable attractions in the city is the city’s Cathedral, which is a 900-year-old Norman structure. Norwich Castle is another famous attraction. It’s a massive 12th-century fort that rises majestically from a hilltop overlooking the city centre. Another well-known attraction is the Dragon Hall, a restored trading hall dating back to the medieval era.

Tip 9: Make savings by using a Railcard
A very easy, useful way to help find a cheap fare to your destinations is by purchasing one of the numerous types of different railcards. Depending on the specific user, there are many cards available to help meet the travel needs across a wide variety of different people. Railcards cost as little as £30 a year and can help you save up to 1/3 off each time the railcard is used. Another bonus of having a railcard is that you get free entry to attractions and many other discounts. Even if you only travel by train a few times a year it can help to buy a Railcard .

The Two Together Railcard, for example, allows two adults this saving on most journeys and The Two Together Railcard only costs £30 a year!

If you are travelling as a family the Family and Friends Railcard provides 60% off fares for children and 1/3 off most adult fares for up to 4 adults and including 4 kids.

Disabled passengers are also able to get discounts on their tickets with the Disabled Persons Railcard, available for £30 per year it gives 1/3 off most tickets.

For those aged over 60, the senior railcard also offers 1/3 off tickets and you can buy a 3-year card for just £70! Other railcards include the Network Railcard, 16-25 Railcard and 26-30 Railcard.

More information can be found on Railcards online via the Railcard website, cards can also be found on sale at a National Rail Ticket Office..

Tip 10: Plan flexibly
To search for the cheapest journey to your chosen destinations the greater you willingness to be flexible the better your chances are of making your visit with the least financial outlay. Using our journey planner and some of the tips we have recommended you can save by choosing the best fares to make savings. If you and are willing to change a date or a time or route you can make greater savings on your journey to Norwich than you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What trains go to Norwich?

The train to Norwich from London leaves from Liverpool Street, King's Cross and St. Pancras, taking around 2 hours.

What train line is Norwich on?

The train to Liverpool Street is on the Great Eastern Main Line and the train to Cambridge is on the Breckland Line.