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"My Dad Is From Nottingham - Although I've Only Been There Twice In My Life, With One Being When My Friend Was At University There. I've Always Found It A Friendly Place And Has A Good Nightlife.” Jess Glynne

Everyone has probably heard of Nottingham's Robin Hood, the heroic tale of a man robbing the rich to give to the poor, but this city is not just folklore and stories. It has been named the Home of English Sport by Visit England, a City of Literature by UNESCO and is the hometown of world-renowned fashion designer Paul Smith, among many other interesting things.

Tip 1: Buying tickets in advance saves money
Purchasing your ticket to Nottingham early will usually be a cost saving strategy. Many rail companies make their tickets available from 12 weeks before departure dates so book them as soon as you can as demand can be high and they can sell quickly. If it is not possible to book early you can still attempt to get an advanced ticket up to 1 hour before your journey if they are not sold out.

Tip 2: Forget the Fees
Using Split My Fare gets you the benefit or no booking fee and no credit card fee. Other train retail companies charge these but we only deduct 10% of any savings you make if we are successful in splitting your ticket if we can't offer you a the split we don't charge you anything for booking with us. This means that as a National Rail Accredited company with a built in purchase protection you need not have any worries.

Tip 3: Take advantage of Delay Repay
If your journey is delayed by the train leaving your platform late or arriving at Nottingham train station behind schedule you could be eligible for compensation for the inconvenience. You can claim a partial or full refund depending on the length of delay for as little as a 15 minute delay. Using the Delay Repay scheme you can check with the Train Operating Company you travelled with to check information about their policy and claim your refund through them.

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Whether you are travelling alone, with friends or even with kids, you will never find yourself short of options when touring Nottingham. The city's transport has previously been awarded the UK's Top City Operator and UK's Bus City Operator of the Year. You can travel by bus, tram or purchase tickets that provide access to both.

Tip 4: Travel off-peak
The most expensive time to travel is peak times when demand for tickets is high with prices matching demand. The cheapest train to your destination will be at off- peak times as it is the best way to find cheap train tickets to Nottingham because demand is lower. Travelling midweek instead of at weekends can definitely make you savings and going via a quieter route can help.

Tip 5: Make savings on group travel
A group of 3-9 people can get the best price by using a group save discount. You can get up to 1/3 off your fare prices but you must book together and travel on the same train at off-peak times. Splitting your fare means that we have to give you separate tickets for each part of the journey so avoid lots of paper tickets by using a Mobile phone E-ticket where you will be able to forward the tickets to the different members of your group.

The Old Market Square located in the heart of the city is the perfect place to start with. It is near tram stations such as Royal Centre and Old Market Square. Here you can find different shops and if lucky, even witness and attend an event or a fair. There is a lot of entertainment for children, as well as many pubs and restaurants.

Tip 6: Return tickets aren't always cheapest
On most of your train arrivals in Nottingham you will be planning on a return journey and would automatically think that return tickets are your best option. It is advisable to search 2 single tickets, return and open return tickets to discover which gets you the biggest savings. The good news is that at Split My Fare we search for you and sell you whichever combination works out cheapest.

Tip 7: Slower trains can make savings
When getting your train to Nottingham you might consider taking your journey on a slower train to make savings. As it is in the midlands there are plenty of options to consider which are less direct routes which can be far cheaper. This way of travelling can make your journey slower but reap benefits financially If you book with Split My Fare we will automatically show you these cheaper options. Sometimes you might be in a rush and our website gives you the option of only making a search for the faster trains to Nottingham as well.

Tip 8: First Class can be affordable
Automatically, you will think that standard rail travel is the most reasonable way of getting trains to Nottingham, this may however not be the case. The price of tickets is worked out according on how many tickets are sold which means if there is a low demand for a 1st class fare and high demand for a standard fare the rail companies sometimes reduce the 1st class amount in order to sell the tickets. This may make them comparable to standard prices and maybe even cheaper. You have the added advantage of travelling in greater comfort with more room, free drinks and the availability of food arriving at Nottingham station platform feeling more relaxed.

A minute away is the Lace Market station where you can find the home of Britain’s lace industry, the Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery and the National Justice Museum. Nearby is the City of Caves, a network of man-made caves, carved from sandstone, which was used as tanneries, bomb shelters and house cellars.

Tip 9: Railcards can make your journey cheaper
You will find that there are lots of Railcards available which can ensure that your visit to Nottingham is more cost-effective. Even if you only travel as little as 3 times a year you can make savings. Most railcards only cost £30 for a year and some £70 for 3 years which means that you quickly make savings each time you use it. All Train Operating Companies accept Railcards so it is a popular way of cheaper travel.

There are many different types of Railcards tailored to your specific requirements and another advantage is that you also get free entry to many attractions and a whole list of discounts.

The Two Together Railcard allows two adults to save 1/3 on most fares when travelling together.

The Family and Friends Railcard means that children save 60% an adult get 1/3 off when using it. Up to 4 adults and 4 children can use the railcard so great for larger families.

There is a Senior Persons Railcard for those over 60. A Disabled Persons Railcard which gives those with a disability a discount each time they use the railway. There is an Armed Forces Railcard and a 16-25 year olds Railcard, a 26-30 year olds Railcard and a Network Railcard.

Information on all of the railcards can be found on the Railcard website and they are on sale at all National Rail Ticket Offices.

Tip 10: Be flexible about travel plans, if you can
Whatever your destinations it is advisable to try to be flexible so that you can get the best deals. More popular dates and times using the railway normally cost the most money. If you choose a time that is off-peak and go on a midweek day and avoid bank holidays you can find that you will make greater savings and have less crowded trains on your way to Nottingham as there is less demand. Our journey planner can help you find the best day and time for you to travel for the cheapest price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Nottingham by train?

East Midlands Railway run the majority of services to Nottingham from major Cities, with Cross Country also running some routes.

What train goes to Nottingham?

Trains run regularly to Nottingham from London St. Pancras and take under 2 hours.