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"My Dad Is From Nottingham - Although I've Only Been There Twice In My Life, With One Being When My Friend Was At University There. I've Always Found It A Friendly Place And Has A Good Nightlife.” Jess Glynne

Everyone has probably heard of Nottingham's Robin Hood, the heroic tale of a man robbing the rich to give to the poor, but this city is not just folklore and stories. It has been named the Home of English Sport by VisitEngland, a City of Literature by UNESCO and is the hometown of world-renowned fashion designer Paul Smith, among many other interesting things.

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Visiting Nottingham by Train

Whether you are travelling alone, with friends or even with kids, you will never find yourself short of options when touring Nottingham. The city's transport has previously been awarded the UK's Top City Operator and UK's Bus City Operator of the Year. You can travel by bus, tram or purchase tickets that provide access to both.

The Old Market Square located in the heart of the city is the perfect place to start with. It is near tram stations such as Royal Centre and Old Market Square. Here you can find different shops and if lucky, even witness and attend an event or a fair. There is a lot of entertainment for children, as well as many pubs and restaurants.

A minute away is the Lace Market station where you can find the home of Britain’s lace industry, the Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery and the National Justice Museum. Nearby is the City of Caves, a network of man-made caves, carved from sandstone, which was used as tanneries, bomb shelters and house cellars.

Number one on the list of places to visit in Nottingham though is Nottingham Castle. Although it is currently closed for redevelopment until 2020, a lot of curious travellers still flock here to take a closer look. The castle was burnt down in 1831 and has since been replaced and rebuilt as a museum which was formerly a royal residence. The views from the top of the castle rock are amazing and will surely be even better once it reopens.