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Cheap Trains to Plymouth

"I'm partial to the Cornish coast, as it's near where I grew up in Plymouth. The views across the water are stunning. I love walking along the sandy beaches and the seafront paths.” Tom Daley

Located between the rivers Plym and Tamar's mouths, Plymouth is the largest city on the South coast of England, with the most extensive naval base across Western Europe. Tourism is perhaps the most significant industry in Plymouth; with almost 12 million visitors each year, there are plenty of activities available for everyone. You can go kayaking, sailing, on a gin distillery tour, to an aquarium, or on a boat trip.

Tip 1 Book quickly for the best deals
Find the cheapest tickets by planning ahead; most cheaper advance tickets are made available by train companies 12 weeks before departure. Demand for these tickets can be high; the quicker you buy them, the better. If you can't book ahead, you could find these tickets available up to 1 hour before leaving, but it is best to book as early as you can.
Tip 2 Avoid paying booking fees
Many ticket retailers charge booking and card fees. At Split My Fare we do neither and only charge a small 10% of any savings we make you by splitting your ticket. If we don't find you a split fare, then there's no charge.
Tip 3 If your train is late, then claim a refund
There is no guarantee that your train will always get you to your destination on time; if there is a delay, you could be entitled to claim a refund. Check with the train operating company you are travelling with their policy to see if you can claim using the Delay Repay scheme. You might be eligible for a full or partial refund for as small as a 15-minute delay; you can claim this compensation through the operator.
Tip 4 Off-peak tickets cost less
As demand dictates the price of tickets, an excellent way to save money is to stay away from busy times of the day; if possible stick to quieter routes to get to your destination. Avoid travelling at weekends and during holidays to help find cheaper train tickets to Plymouth.

Located on the mainline rail route, Plymouth railway station has trains from London, Bristol, the Midlands and Cornwall. If you’re coming from outside of the West Country, your train will pass through Exeter and Newton Abbot on one of Britain's most scenic train routes.

Tip 5 Visiting as a group? Book together
There are savings to be made when travelling as a group by train. If a group of 3-9 people book together and take the same off-peak train, they can get as much as 1/3 off the price by getting a groupsave discount. The easiest way to do this is if one of the group books with e-Tickets and then sends them to each group member. Not having to pass on lots of paper tickets is much simpler, especially if Split My Fare finds you savings with several split tickets.
Tip 6 Return tickets aren't always cheapest
When taking a round trip by train, you may usually buy a return fare; this won't always find you the cheapest tickets to Plymouth train station. Two single tickets may be more affordable; if you use Split My Fare, we automatically recommend fares that make you the best savings.
Tip 7 Faster journeys aren't always the cheapest
Passengers are often in a hurry and only want to get the quickest trains, our site offers the option to see these. If you aren't in a rush, we sell tickets for slower trains which might be less direct but will likely save you money. When you search with us, we show you the cheapest possible options, including these slower trains.

There are so many things to see and do in Plymouth; it is well worth checking out the City Museum and Art Gallery and The National Marine Aquarium. You can also make a stop at the Gin Distillery, which is the oldest working distillery in England and has been producing gin since 1793.

Tip 8 Look at 1st class ticket options
You could find a first-class fare for your journey at a similar or even cheaper price than a Standard ticket. The popularity of tickets determines their price; if there are plenty remaining, the cost may be lower, making them worth buying. Another benefit of travelling first -class is getting a more relaxed trip with comfier seats and free food and drink.
Tip 9 Railcards can help to save money
Railcards give you access to significant savings, so it is worth checking which ones you can get. There are many different types, and they are as cheap as £30 per year with some £70 for three years. You also get the benefit of free entry to some attractions and other discounts.

The Two Together railcard allows two adults to save up to 1/3 on most journeys.

The Family & Friends Railcard gives a saving of 60% for children and up to 1/3 on adult tickets for up to four adults and four children.

The Senior Railcard is for over 60s and is only £70 for three years.

Disabled passengers can get a Disabled Persons Railcard and save 1/3 off the price of tickets.

There are other types of railcards available including a 16-25 railcard card, a 26-30 railcard and a Network Railcard to use on most trains.

You can check out the Railcard website for more information, or buy railcards from a train station ticket office.

Some of the most notable attractions are the Royal Citadel, The Synagogue, Done, Simeaton’s Tower, Merchant’s House, and the Mayflower Steps. All these attractions play a part in the city's colourful history.
Tip 10 Being flexible saves money
Unless you have plans that can't be changed, being flexible is a fantastic way to make the most significant savings. Choosing between earlier and later trains, or changing dates are all helpful ways to travel at the lowest price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Plymouth?

You can get to Plymouth from London Paddington in just over 3 hours, with trains running regularly.

What is Plymouth famous for?

Plymouth is famous for its golden sandy beaches, meaning it is also perfect for surfing and swimming.