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“From historic links to Thomas Arkwright and the Industrial Revolution to those involving Preston North End, Sir Tom Finney and the Football League, there’s plenty to savour in Preston” VisitLancashire.

The city is a major port and industrial centre in Lancashire. Textiles have been produced here since the mid-13th century when people wove locally produced wool in their house; however, the industry fell into decline during the mid-20th century. Nowadays, the town’s economy has soared mainly because of the retail industry. It is home to two major shopping centres, and the entire town is lined with shops, restaurants, and bars, many of which are tucked away down the side streets.

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Tip 4: Travelling to popular places at busy times can be more expensive
To a large degree. Finding cheap train tickets depends on how much demand there is for that particular journey. If demand is low then the price is lower but when demand is high this will go up. This means that savings can be made by staying away from busy routes and travelling at off-peak times. Travelling at weekends, bank holidays and popular holiday times will always be more expensive.

Preston Train Station is a key station on the West Coast Main Line, with services to and from most of the major cities all over the UK. You will find long-distance train routes going to London Euston in the south and Edinburgh and Glasgow to the North. There is also an extensive local bus network to help get around town. The city has many cultural attractions that are worth visiting, among these are the Minster Church and the museum. The Church of St Walburge that’s close to the university contains one of the highest church spires in the world. As an original town established during the industrial revolution, it is a member of the “red cities” of the County, where the Labour Party dominates politics. The Martyrs Monument is a must-see, it features a remarkable Goya-inspired monument built in honour of those killed during the final confrontation at Lune Street.

Tip 5: Get tickets together if going as a group to get cheap train tickets to Preston
Going away as a group either for business or pleasure can be made more cost-effective if you book together and travel on the same train. When 3-9 passengers travel together at an off-peak time they can save 1/3 off the price of the train tickets by getting a groupsave discount. If you use our website this will automatically be applied for you at checkout. A good tip to avoid having to pass out lots of paper tickets at the station is to use mobile E-Tickets and just forward them to each passenger.

As a city that’s rich in culture and history, it is home to several museums. The Queens Regiment Museum is dedicated to the military history of the County while the Museum of Lancashire features the country’s colourful history housed in an old courthouse building.

Frequently Asked Questions

What train line is Preston on?

Preston is a key station on the West Coast Main Line.

What is Preston famous for?

Preston is the birthplace of Sir Tom Finney CBE, one of the best footballers ever.

Is Preston a nice place to live?

Preston is an excellent place to live situated near the sea and the Forest of Bowland.