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Cheap Train Tickets to Reading

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Cheap Trains to Reading

"Reading is often called a city of parks. There are over a hundred of them in a miniature town. Each park has its characteristics.” OrangeSmile

Tip 1 Booking in advance will get you cheaper fares
When you are taking the train to Reading, book early to find the cheapest fares. Train operating companies release advance tickets up to 12 weeks before departure. They often sell out fast due to high demand, so buy them as early as you can. If you can't book ahead, it is possible to get advance tickets up to one hour before your train leaves; however, they will usually be sold out.

Reading, in the county of Berkshire, has a lot of history. Situated 38 miles west of London, the minster location is a critical junction for trains running from West London and the South Midlands.

Tip 2 You can avoid booking fees
Booking fees often add to the cost of your train ticket. Some websites add them to every journey and charge if you pay with a credit card. At Split My Fare we don't add a fee for booking or using your credit card. We only take 10% of any saving you make through split ticketing; if you don't get a split saving, there will be no additional charge. As a National Rail accredited retailer, you can have full confidence when you book tickets with us.
Tip 3 Take advantage of Delay Repay to get a refund
Ideally, you will arrive at Reading train station on time; however, if there is a delay to your train, make sure to claim a refund. With Delay Repay you can get a full or partial refund depending on how late your train arrives. It is worth checking the train operating company's policy you travel with and applying for compensation through them.

Situated at the Thames Valley's heart, Reading lies where the Thames and Kennet rivers meet, amid rolling hills. There are many small, historic towns and villages in the surrounding area, including Pangbourne and Streatley. Many of these are part of the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Tip 4 Avoid popular stations to save money when travelling to Reading
A useful way to save money on train tickets is to travel on a less popular route to a quieter station. Avoiding the main city centre stations isn't as convenient, but it might be worth the extra effort to save money. Avoiding travel on weekends, holidays, and at peak times can also help cut your trip's cost.
Tip 5 It can be cheaper to travel as a group
If you are travelling with friends or work colleagues make sure to book your tickets together. When 3-9 people travel on the same train, they can get a Groupsave discount of 1/3, as long as they travel at off-peak times. Selecting to receive e-Tickets allows you to forward them to your group, instead of collecting lots of paper tickets.

The Forbury Gardens in the city centre have recently undergone significant restorations. Visit the adjoining ruins to discover the remains of what once was an influential and powerful Abbey, before King Henry VII ransacked it.

Tip 6 Check the price of single and return tickets to Reading
If your journey to Reading by train is a return trip, you might expect a return ticket will be the cheapest option; however, this is not always the case. Often, buying two single tickets will work out cheaper. Split My Fare shows you the lowest priced combination of tickets available for your journey.
Tip 7 It can be worth using slower trains
Getting to your destination as quickly as possible may not be important; you can often find cheap train tickets to Reading by taking a slower train. We automatically show you tickets for slower trains if they are more affordable. If you are in a rush, you can choose to see only the fastest available trains to get you to your destination in the quickest time.

Reading is well known for its football club; it has a significant benefactor in Sir John Madejski, who financed the stadium's building in the south end of Reading. In addition to the stadium, there has been a considerable investment in the town with new business parks, commercial properties, houses, and shopping centres.

Tip 8 First-class tickets may be cheaper than you think
If you want to travel in luxury, you might find first-class tickets don't always cost as much as you would think. If demand for these fares is low, the prices can be similar or even cheaper than standard fares.
Tip 9 If you regularly travel, purchase a railcard
If you are a regular rail traveller, a great way to save money is to buy a railcard. You can get savings of up to 1/3 off most journeys. There are many different types of card available.

The Two Together card allows two adults to save when they travel together and costs £30 per year.

The Family and Friends card gives children 60% off and 1/3 off adult fares for up to four adults and four children.

The Senior Persons Railcard, for those over 60, is only £70 for three years.

Disabled passengers can get a discount with a Disabled Persons Railcard, saving 1/3 off their fare.

Other types of railcards are available, including cards for those aged 16-25 and 26-30.

You can find more information on the Railcard website or buy a railcard from your local station.

Many inter-city and regional train services pass through Reading station on their way across the country; including London, Manchester, and Cardiff. The train from London Paddington runs several times an hour, arriving in approximately twenty minutes. There is also a train that runs twice an hour from London Waterloo. This route takes an hour and 25 minutes, so it is only advisable for those travelling from South West London to use it.

Tip 10 Flexibility can get you cheaper train tickets
It is easier to get cheap train fares to Reading if you are willing to look at alternative dates and times for your travel. Our booking engine allows you to quickly compare ticket prices to your destination, helping you save money. For more information on how to find cheap train tickets click here.

Main stations in Reading

  • Reading
  • Reading Bus
  • Reading West

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Reading a city or town?

Reading is a town in the county of Berkshire.

What is Reading famous for?

Reading is famous for its 3 B's of beer, bulbs and biscuits.

Why is Reading called Reading?

Reading is called Reading because it's original name was Reada Ingas, meaning people of Reada. This was later abbreviated to its current name.