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Cheap Trains to Scarborough

"What remains is the holiday-resort atmosphere that ran away with the town in the 18th and 19th centuries, capitalising on Scarborough's natural spa waters.” Lonely Planet

Tip 1: Advance tickets make savings
It is possible to ensure you purchase the cheapest tickets by book in advance as far ahead as possible. Advance fares are usually released by the train operating companies from 12 weeks before your desired departure date so you can search for them from then. The quicker you can book them the more likely you are to be successful as these tickets are in high demand and can sell out quite quickly. If it is not possible for you to plan your journey this far in advance then you can sometimes be lucky and discover that there are still some available up to 1hr before your are due to leave the platform on your day of travel.

Scarborough is famous for its two attractive beaches that draw a huge crowd of local holidaymakers each year. As the third-largest town in North Yorkshire, Scarborough has a population of around 60,000. The town used to be a medieval fishing village known for its natural spa waters. Nowadays, the thriving town of Scarborough is dotted with Victorian-style spa resorts and a number of luxury hotels.

Tip 2: Booking fees cause unnecessary cost
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Tip 3: You can claim on late trains
Unfortunately trains departing or arriving on time is not guaranteed but if they are late you can claim a refund from the train operating company. Using the Delay Repay scheme you discover whether you are eligible for a full or partial refund by reading the company policy and claiming the compensation through them. You could be surprised and see that you can claim even if the delay is as little as 15 minutes.

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Tip 4: More popular routes tend to be dearer
The demand for tickets effects the price of tickets and they fluctuate depending on how quickly they are selling. In most cases if you travel on more popular routes to busy places at peak times the cost of a fare will be higher. Choosing to go during the week and avoiding busy holiday times on these routes can help keep the cost down.

Tip 5: Group bookings can get discounts
Scarborough is a chosen destination to have seaside fun if you are going away with a group. To find the cheapest way of making group bookings use our groupsave discount scheme where if you book together and travel together on an off-peak train you get up to 1/3 off the cost. This saving will automatically be applied at checkout. The most user friendly method of doing this is to book using your mobile and receiving E-Tickets which you can then forward to the group members avoiding the need for multiple paper train tickets. This discount only comes into place if there are 3-9 people travelling together.

The TransPennine Express runs an hourly train service towards the Scarborough station, with an onward connection to the cities of York, Leeds, Manchester, and to the rest of the country. The Northern Rail also runs a less frequent service towards Scarborough before going to Bridlington railway station.

If you want to witness big events in the city, there's no better place than the Southsea Common, a ten-acre open space that is also where you'll find the Southsea Castle, one of King Henry VII's most famous hideaways. According to history, it is from this castle where the King watched his vessel, the Mary Rose, sink into the ocean.

Tip 6: Return tickets aren't always cheaper
When catching a Scarborough train and returning to your destination it might be automatic to think that a return ticket will work out as the cheapest option but this is not always the case. An alternative cheap means of travelling might be to buy 2 single tickets so it is worth comparing the different options. A fully flexible open return might suit your travel plans better if you aren't sure when you want to catch trains from Scarborough. Split My Fare will automatically compare the options for you to obtain cheap train tickets.

Tip 7: A slow train can save money
in a hurry may be unavoidable and if this is the case you can choose to see only the fastest fares when using our website. However, if you are willing to go on a slower train, giving you a more leisurely trip to Scarborough maybe using a less direct or local line and possibly making a change enroute the prices could be cheap. We will always suggest the cheapest available train ticket unless you select another option.

Tip 8: Discover out how much more luxury costs
A less obvious and perhaps surprising means of getting a good deal is to examine the price of first-class tickets compared to standard. This might seem strange but when demand for these tickets is low the amount you pay for them goes down and they can be comparable to or even cheaper than the standard fare. It is a great bonus as it means you arrive at your destinations having travelled in comfort with a larger seat and available food and drinks.

Most of the attractions in Scarborough run along the seafront, with a few of them in the town centre. Others would require a short walk inland towards a steep main road. Scarborough Castle is the most prominent attraction in the city. It rises majestically on top of its headland. Legend has it that Richard I loves the view in this area so much that his ghost is said to keep on coming back here.

From the castle, check out the Sea Life Sanctuary, a family-friendly attraction where you get to witness the marine life up close including colourful coral reefs, octopuses, seahorses, turtles, and other fascinating marine life creatures. Museum fanatics should check out the Rotunda museum, a museum that’s dedicated to the coastal geology of Northeast Yorkshire and has yielded Britain’s most significant dinosaur fossils.

Tip 9: Purchase a railcard if you are a regular traveller
Railcards are one of the best ways of keeping the cost of rail tickets down each trip you make. Even if you only travel by train a few journeys a year it is worth buying one. They cost as little as £30 and most of them make 1/3 discount on every occasion they are used. Having a card also means that free entry into attractions and other discounts are included.

The Two Together card means that two adults who regularly take journeys together can save up to 1/3. The Friends and Family card allows 4 adults and 4 children to save money when they go on the same train. Children save 60% and adults 1/3 off. The Senior Railcards are one of the cards that cost only £70 for three years. There are also Disabled Persons Railcards, Network Railcards and 16-25 yr olds cards as well as 26-30 yr olds. Other cards are available and more information can be found on the railcards website and you can buy them from any National Rail Ticket Office .

Tip 10: Savings are made by being flexible
Cheap train tickets can normally be found if you are prepared to be flexible with your plans. Changes of day, dates and staying away from rush hours all contribute. Please use our planner which will help you locate the cheapest fares possible and make sure you arrive in Scarborough with money left to spend.