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"Stockport is a borough in the south-east of Greater Manchester. It was formerly famous as the centre of the hat-making industry.” WikiTravel

Formerly known as the centre of the hat-making industry, Stockport is a borough in the southeast area of Greater Manchester. Historically, most parts of the town belong in the Cheshire County, however, the areas to the north were part of Lancashire. Dominating the town is the Stockport Viaduct, which was built in the 1840 and its brick arches support the mainline railways from Manchester to Birmingham and towards London over the River Mersey.

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Visiting Stockport by Train

The Stockport railway station is a fairly large railway station that lies on the West Coast Main Line. Trains travelling from Aberdeen railway station going to Edinburgh Waverley station would pass through here. There are also trains going to London and Birmingham, with less frequent trains going to North Wales, Cardiff, and Shrewsbury. Local trains also link the Stockport railway station to Manchester.

Stockport has a good network of public buses and taking the bus is the best way to get around the city. The Plaza, located within the city centre, houses a beautifully restored cinema built in the 1930s. Regular film shows and theatre productions are being shown at the cinema, with the Christmas pantomime being the most popular show.

Renowned for its hat-making industry, Stockport is also home to the Hat Works, the only museum in the UK that’s solely dedicated to hats and headwear. Another famous attraction in the city is the Bramall Hall & Park, which is a beautiful timber-framed Tudor manor house set in a 70-acres of land. The Stockport Story Museum is a great place to visit if you want to learn more about Stockport’s more than 10,000 years of history.

Other attractions in the city are the Staircase House, Lyme Park, Stockport Story Museum, the Vernon Park, Stockport Town Hall, and the Stockport Viaduct, which dominates the town and is known as the largest viaduct in the world.