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"Stockport is a borough in the south-east of Greater Manchester. It was formerly famous as the centre of the hat-making industry." WikiTravel

Tip 1 Buy in advance
Train companies typically release cheap tickets to Stockport several weeks in advance of travel. You can buy these cheaper tickets up to an hour before your train departs, but they tend to sell out fast, so make sure to take advantage and book as quickly as possible.
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If you experience a delay on your train to Stockport, a partial or full refund may be available. A delay of over 15 minutes can give you compensation. You need to check the policy of the train company you travelled with, as compensation varies. You can then claim your money back through them using the Delay Repay scheme.

Stockport is a borough in the south-east of Greater Manchester. Historically, most parts of the town belong to Cheshire County. The areas to the North were previously part of Lancashire. Dominating the town is the Stockport Viaduct, built in 1840. Its brick arches support the mainline railways from Manchester to Birmingham and towards London over the River Mersey.

Tip 4 Avoid busy periods and popular destinations
Trains to Stockport are busier during peak times. Try to avoid travelling during rush hour as this is when demand is highest and fares the most expensive. Choosing a ticket on a weekday either in the afternoon or late at night can often bag you a bargain, as can avoiding popular holiday times.
Tip 5 Make use of groupsave discount
If you are travelling in a group, you could save 1/3 on your journeys when travelling during off-peak hours. To get this, 3-9 passengers must be travelling on the same train and buy their tickets together; this discount is automatically added for you. We advise using e-Tickets to forward to your group instead of having to hand out lots of paper tickets.
Tip 6 Check whether single tickets are cheaper
Comparing the cost of two single tickets against one return fare can be useful in saving money. You can often find two singles provide a cheaper way of completing your journey.

Stockport has a large railway station that lies on the West Coast Mainline. There are trains from London and Birmingham, with less frequent trains from North Wales, Cardiff, and Shrewsbury. Local trains also link the Stockport railway station to Manchester.

Tip 7 Travel on slower trains
If you have time, you can find cheaper trains to Stockport with less direct train services; we automatically show you these fares if they save you money. If you are in a rush and wish to catch a train with a more direct route, you also have the option of only seeing these faster journeys on our website.
Tip 8 Check first-class fares
When demand for 1st class tickets is low, fares can sometimes be similar to or even cheaper than a standard class ticket. You could grab this bargain and enjoy the added benefits of free food and drink and bigger seats.

Stockport has a good network of public buses, which is the best method to get around the city. The Plaza, located within the city centre, houses a beautifully restored cinema built in the 1930s. It has a regular schedule of films and theatre productions, with the Christmas pantomime being the most popular show.

Stockport is home to the Hat Works, the only museum in the UK that’s solely dedicated to hats and headwear. Another famous attraction in the city is the Bramall Hall & Park, a beautiful timber-framed Tudor manor house set in 70-acres of land. The Stockport Story Museum is a great place to visit if you want to learn more about Stockport’s 10,000+ years of history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all trains stop at Stockport?

Stockport is on the West Coast Main Line to London Euston, so trains regularly stop here.

How old is Stockport Viaduct?

Built in 1840, Stockport Viaduct is 180 years old.