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"Wakefield is a city in West Yorkshire, England. It's home to the Hepworth Gallery and the National Mining Museum for England. It's also a transport hub and an alternative base for visiting Leeds or York. The name “Wakefield” also refers to the metropolitan district, which includes several smaller towns plus rural areas.” WikiVoyage

Tip 1: Buying in advance helps you make savings on train tickets
One way of ensuring cheaper train tickets to Wakefield is to book as far ahead as you possibly can, instead of waiting until just before you want to travel. This date can be as much as 12 weeks before you are planning on taking your journey, as the rail operating companies usually release these advance tickets at this point. Advance tickets often sell out quickly, so don't miss out. There is a possibility that, if they have not all been sold you can purchase these fares up to 1 hour before departure and find an unexpected saving.

Tip 2: Say no to fees
At Split My Fare we don't charge you a booking fee to buy your tickets with us, unlike some other ticket retailers who charge these each time you make a journey with them. We don't make you pay to use your credit card either and only charge you a small 10% of any savings we make for you by splitting your fare. No split = no charge.

Tip 3: Refunds are possible
In the event of a train being delayed on your journey and arriving late at Wakefield, you can apply for a full or partial refund through the Delay Repay scheme. The thing to do is to discover, by examining the guidelines of the train company you have travelled with, what refund you are eligible for. Companies have different restrictions on the length of delay which is acceptable and with some, you may find you get a refund for a delay of as little as 15 minutes. You will then need to claim your compensation from the train operating company directly.

Wakefield is located in the heart of England and is known as the centre of the UK's communications network, offering unrivalled transport links. During the Middle Ages, Wakefield was a large market town and a centre for wool trading, thanks to its position on the River Calder, with an inland port. Nowadays, Wakefield has plenty to offer its visitors. The city has a rich industrial heritage and visitors can explore its National Coal mining museum or take in the city's lively nightlife.

Tip 4: Busier routes cost more
The price of train tickets is dependent on demand, so busier routes tend to be more expensive than quieter ones. Because of this, the cheaper train tickets to Wakefield are normally found by travelling on off-peak trains and avoiding making journeys both at weekends and during popular holiday times.

Tip 5: Group trips can be made cheaper
If you're visiting Wakefield with a group of friends or work colleagues and want to find a way of purchasing cheap train tickets, a way to do this is to book together. For a group of 3-9 passengers if you also travel on the same off-peak a groupsave discount can be made, when you book with us this is automatically applied for you at checkout. Giving out paper tickets to your group can be a hassle, so we advise that you book E-Tickets using your mobile and forward these to everyone in the group instead.

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Tip 6: Try comparing different types of tickets
A good way of saving money is to check how much different types of ticket cost. You may automatically think that booking a return ticket is going to be cheaper if you're returning to the place you departed from but this might not be the case, two single tickets can often be cheapest to buy so it is worth checking.

Tip 7: Less direct journeys can save money
You might be looking for the quickest means of getting to Wakefield, if sowe have a Fastest Train option on our website which will show you only these trains. If however, you are willing to take longer to reach your destination we also automatically show you the less direct route if it gets you a cheaper train fare.

Westgate railway station is the largest station in Wakefield and is on the East Coast Mainline. Wakefield also has another railway station, Kirkgate Station and the city can also be accessed from Leeds, Sheffield and Barnsley. The easiest way to get around Wakefield is to take the local bus services, and there’s also a Free City Bus provided by the Council that runs within the city centre.

Tip 8: Standard fares aren't always best
An unexpected tip for you is to check the price of first-class tickets for your journey, with fluctuating demand this can sometimes be similar or even cheaper than a standard class ticket. You will also have the benefit of 1st class facilities on your journey, being able to sit in bigger seats and having food and drinks available for free on your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wakefield a town or city?

Wakefield is a city with its own Cathedral and has a population of 345,038.

Where in the UK is Wakefield?

Wakefield is in North Yorkshire, just south of Leeds.