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Cheap Trains to Weymouth

Weymouth is a beautiful and serene seaside town on the coast of Dorset, right next to the English Channel. The River Wey runs through to the town of Weymouth, which is positioned in a sheltered bay. Weymouth is a popular tourist destination, with its economy depending on tourists more than anything else. Many tourists take trains to Weymouth to visit the Jurassic Coast and the town's harbour.

Weymouth Station is the main train station in the town of Weymouth. Weymouth Train Station is managed by South Western Railway. You can travel to Weymouth by train from numerous major UK cities, including Southampton, Bristol, and London. Great Western Railway and South Western Railway operate all the services to Weymouth Station.

This page will provide useful tips to book cheap train tickets to Weymouth.

Tip 1 Buy in advance
Train companies typically release cheap tickets to Weymouth several weeks before travel. You can buy these cheaper tickets up to an hour before your train departs, but they tend to sell out fast, so make sure to take advantage and book as quickly as possible.
Tip 2 Cut costs by avoiding fees on your trains to Portsmouth
Some retailers charge a booking fee every time you travel by train with them. At Split My Fare, we don't charge you a booking fee or ask you to pay for using your credit card either. The only fee we pass on to you is 15% of any saving we make by splitting your fare, no split fare = no fee.
Tip 3 Refunds are available for delayed travel to Weymouth Train Station
Your train may not necessarily be on time, meaning it is late in getting to your destination. The delay repay scheme gives a full or partial refund on your train ticket. Check the policy of the company you travel with to find out how long a delay you can get compensation for; often, a refund is available for a 15-minute delay. You can get your money back directly through the operator.
Tip 4 Busier routes tend to cost more
Avoiding peak hours and popular routes can be vital in finding the cheapest tickets. Demand affects ticket prices, so if your journey is busy, the price will be higher. Travelling somewhere quiet, outside the town centre, will get you cheaper train tickets to Weymouth.

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Tip 5 Use Groupsave discount
You can save up to 1/3 on your train tickets by booking as a group of 3-9 adults travelling during off-peak hours. The offer is valid whether collecting your ticket on departure or receiving e-Tickets and is deducted automatically.
Tip 6 Two single tickets may be cheaper than a return
Often you will want to make a return journey when travelling to Weymouth, and you might think that a return ticket will be the cheapest. Two singles often cost less than a return, so look at both options before you book. Split My Fare automatically checks all possible combinations to find you the lowest fare for your journey.
Tip 7 Less direct trains can make savings
Weymouth is a long way South, so if you are travelling from far afield, you may want to break up your journey. Slower trains on a less-direct service can save you money; we will let you know when it's the cheapest option. Select the Fastest Train option to get to Weymouth as quickly as possible.
Tip 8 Compare standard and first-class
When demand for first-class tickets is low, this can reduce their cost to around the same price or near that of a standard fare. Travelling first-class means you can benefit from complimentary food and drink, a more comfortable seat and free wi-fi in most cases. You will arrive at your destination in a more relaxed mood.

Visit Weymouth


As a major UK tourist destination, Weymouth is full of interesting and exciting attractions to visit. Weymouth Beach is a great place to go for a walk with the family, and dogs are normally allowed too. Nothe Fort offers a fantastic Jurassic Coast view, underground tunnels, and a nuclear shelter. Weymouth Harbour has plenty of pubs and restaurants to visit and is a great place for a walk as you watch the boats coming and going.


As a major tourist destination, Weymouth has a great selection of restaurants to choose from. Nicetta is a fantastic, small, authentic Italian restaurant with amazing pizza and cheesecake. Restaurant Les Enfants Terribles is certainly anything but terrible, with a great selection of French cuisine on offer, including an amazing french onion soup.

Popular Routes to Weymouth

As a major tourist destination, there are many trains to Weymouth from all around the UK. You can book train tickets to Weymouth Train Station from major cities, including London, Southampton, and Bath.

Frequently Asked Questions

What rail line is Weymouth on?

Weymouth Train Station is on the South West Main Line operated by South Western Railway which runs from London Waterloo to Weymouth and the Heart of Wessex Line operated by Great Western Railway from Bristol to Weymouth.

Are trains running from Weymouth?

Trains to Weymouth Train Station run every day except Christmas Day and Boxing Day and are operated by South Western Railway and Great Western Railway.

Are trains to Swindon running?

Trains to Swindon run every day of the year except for strike days, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day.