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Want the cheapest train tickets in the UK?

With train ticket prices on the rise many people are saying “I can’t afford my train ticket, is there any way I can find cheap trains?” finds these for you, we make your train tickets cheap.

Splitting Your Fare means that instead of buying one train ticket for your whole journey, you purchase tickets for two parts; but stay on the same train.

If you were travelling from Manchester to Edinburgh, we would recommend that you purchase a ticket from Manchester Piccadilly to Chorley and then from Chorley to Edinburgh.Say you decided to travel from Manchester to Edinburgh and you’re looking to get the cheapest train tickets; check Splitmyfare and we’ll advise you buy tickets from Manchester Piccadilly to Chorley and then from Chorley to Edinburgh. Do this and rather than paying the £59.90 Standard Fare you’ll pay £42.90 instead, saving £17!

We find you cheap train fares and make it easier for you to get these savings; by telling you which station you should split your journey at and providing a step-by-step guide to help you buy your tickets. We provide a choice of train times and fares to ensure you get the cheapest train tickets.