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Southern is a train operating company currently owned by Govia Thameslink, who are also responsible for operating services along the Thameslink, Gatwick Express and Great Northern routes and have been in operation since 26 July 2015.

Southern operators commuter services to South London and East and West Sussex with regional services across Hampshire, Kent, and Surrey. Most commuter services run from London Bridge and London Victoria.

Southern Train Map

Southern operates commuter services into London from South London, East and West Sussex. Regional services run across Hampshire, Kent, and Surrey. You can use our train map to decide where you want to go and then book your tickets.

If you fancy heading to the beach, you might want to go to the coast, with trains running to Brighton and Eastbourne.

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Top Southern Destinations

Southern Customer Relations

Telephone: 0345 127 2920

Open Monday - Sunday 08:00 - 18:00

Email: [email protected]

Post: Customer Services Team, PO Box 10240, ASHBY-DE-LA-ZOUCH LE65 9EB

Assisted travel: 0800 138 1016 / [email protected]

Cycle Reservations: Visit the Southern cycle page.

Lost Property: Visit the lost property page.

Service Disruptions

Your train could be delayed due to work on the track or bad weather.

Check the status of your Southern journey on their arrivals and departures page.

Delay Repay

If your journey with Southern is delayed, you will be entitled to a full or partial refund, as follows:

The exact refunds available are as below.
15 Minutes to 29 Minutes delay
25% of the cost of a single ticket
25% of the cost of a return ticket for the affected portion

30 Minutes to 59 Minutes delay
50% of the cost of a single ticket
At least 50% of the cost of a return ticket for the affected portion

60 Minutes to 119 Minutes delay
100% of the cost of a single ticket

At least 50% of the cost of a return ticket for the whole fare

Over 120 Minutes delay
100% of the cost of a ticket, whether a single or return

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there toilets on Southern trains?

Most Southern Trains have toilets on them, however the 313 trains do not have toilets on board.

What trains do Southern rail use?

Southern Rail uses 171 Turbostar, 313, 377 Electrostar, and 455/8 trains.

How many Southern trains are there?

Southern Rail has a fleet of around 300 new or refurbished trains.

Can you sit in first class on Southern Rail?

Most Southern Trains have first class seating. You can only sit in first class with a first class ticket.

Are Southern trains air conditioned?

Newer Southern Trains are air conditioned, however older trains do not have air conditioning.

Is Southern Rail part of TfL?

Southern Rail is not a part of TfL, however you can use Oyster cards on Southern Trains in London Zones 1-6.

How reliable are Southern trains?

As of 30th December 2021 the reliability of Southern trains was as follows

Route PPM On Time
Southern Coastway 88.4% 84.2%
Southern Metro 87.9% 85.5%
Great Northern 85.9% 79.7%
Total 87.7% 79.6%