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London Gatwick is one of the major international airports in the UK. Situated in West Sussex, it has the busiest runway in the world. 35 million passengers land each year to visit the UK from 200 destinations in more than 90 countries. The airport has two terminals, the South Terminal and North Terminal, connected by a free shuttle. The shuttle also links to the Railway Station in the South Terminal. With Brighton and the coast of England just 30 miles away, it may be worth also visiting the cities of Brighton, Portsmouth, or Southampton.

The check-in desks at London Gatwick Airport are located on the third floor of the North and South Terminals. When flying into London Gatwick Airport, you must first go through passport control. Once through security, there are signs to Baggage Reclaim to pick up luggage. You'll then reach the arrivals hall, where you'll find shops, cafes, restaurants, and currency exchanges.

London Gatwick's North Terminal has many restaurants, shops, cafes, help desks, currency exchanges, and luggage facilities. There is a free entertainment zone for kids in this terminal, along with Internet kiosks, ATMs, and mobile phone charging facilities.

London Gatwick Airport Station is situated in the South Terminal of the Airport with services operated by Thameslink Trains, Southern Trains, Great Western Railways, and Gatwick Express. There is airport parking available, allowing you to make your journey easily. You can quickly get through the ticket gates at the station; there is a new ticket gate line with extra-wide openings to improve access for travellers with luggage. Should you be looking for buses to the Airport, National Express runs a regular bus service from both terminals.

The quickest and most convenient train service to reach the airport from London is to take the Gatwick Express from London Victoria Train Station. The Gatwick Express is a non-stop service that runs regularly from London Victoria Train Station all week, with trains running twice an hour. The Gatwick Express usually takes around 30 minutes. As well as taking the Gatwick Express from London Victoria to the station in the south terminal, direct trains on the line can also be taken from London Bridge. If you travel from Clapham Junction, Southern operates services to the airport. If you travel from London St Pancras, Thameslink also runs direct services.

Tip 1 When possible, book early to get a cheaper fare
It is worth looking for your tickets at the same time as your flight to get cheap rail travel. Operators make Advance tickets available up to 12 weeks before departure. Advance fares often sell fast, so it is worth booking as early as possible. If you can't book early, advance tickets may be available up to one hour before your journey.
Tip 2 Try to avoid booking fees
When you use Split My Fare, there is no booking or credit card fee to pay for your tickets like with other retailers. We only charge 10% of what you save if you make a split saving with us.
Tip 3 When you are running late, request a refund
You may be running to tight schedules when travelling to Gatwick Airport. Unfortunately, services can be delayed, causing your service to be late. You may be eligible for a partial or full refund if there is a delay. Check with the operator to see if your journey is covered by the Delay Repay scheme.
Tip 4 Stay away from popular times of travel
Your journey can be expensive if you travel to a popular destination at a busy time. If possible, travel outside peak hours to make savings. Taking your trip on a weekday instead of at the weekend can also help save money. Consider travelling from a less popular station rather than the city centre.
Tip 5 Book as a group
If you travel as a group, you can purchase Groupsave tickets for a discount. You can get a discount of 1/3 when 3-9 people travel together on an off-peak service from the same departure station. To avoid having many paper tickets, you can collect e-tickets and send them to your group
Tip 6 Check whether two single train tickets are cheaper than a return
If you are going on a round trip, it is worth checking different ticket types to see if two single tickets are cheaper than a return. Split My Fare automatically finds you the cheapest combination of train tickets.
Tip 7 Travel on a slower train to make savings
When travelling to London Gatwick Airport, you may want to get there as quickly as possible. If you aren't in a hurry, you can save by taking a slower train on a less direct route, which may involve changes. SplitMyFare shows you slower services if they are cheaper, though if you want to reach your destination quickly, you can choose only to see faster journeys.
Tip 8 First-class tickets can be cheaper than you think
You can sometimes save money by travelling 1st class. When demand for first-class tickets is low, they will be reduced in price; you may be able to get them at a lower or similar cost to standard class. As well as getting to spend your journey in 1st class, you also get the benefits of free food and drink and bigger seats. Other ticket types are also worth looking at, including super off-peak.
Tip 9 Buy a Railcard if you travel regularly
You can get cheaper fares by buying a Railcard. There are savings of 1/3 to be made; it is worth buying a card even if you travel by train a few times a year. Railcards offer added benefits of free entry to attractions and other discounts. Most railcards cost £30 a year, such as the Two Together railcard, which allows two adults to save on most journeys.

The Family and Friends railcard saves 60% for children and 1/3 off adult fares for up to four adults and four children.

The Senior Railcard is available for over 60s at £70 for three years.

Disabled passengers can purchase a Disabled Persons Railcard, which gives them 1/3 off fares.

Other Railcards available include the 16-25, 26-30 and Network Railcard.

Check the Railcard website for more information; you can buy Railcards from any National Rail Office.
Tip 10 Being flexible can help make savings
It might be challenging to be flexible when taking the train to the Airport if you are catching a flight, but you can save money if you look at different times. If you are able to travel during off-peak times, you may find cheaper tickets; a super off-peak fare may even be available. Use our split fare service to find the cheapest tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What trains go to Gatwick Airport?

Trains to Gatwick Airport run from all over the country. Trains from London are operated by Thameslink and Southern.

How do I get to Gatwick by Train?

The quickest way to get to Gatwick Airport by Train is via the Gatwick Express. These trains run every 15 minutes and take 30 minutes from London Victoria Station.

Do trains to Gatwick run all night?

Trains do run to London Gatwick Airport all night, 24 hours. Even in the early hours, these still run regularly.