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"Built over the buried ruins of two millennia of history, Leicester (les-ter) suffered at the hands of the Luftwaffe and postwar planners, but an influx of textile workers from India and Pakistan from the 1960s transformed the city into a bustling multicultural hub” Lonely Planet.

Tip 1 If possible, book tickets in advance
You can find cheap train tickets to Leicester if you book well ahead of your journey. Rail companies release advance tickets up to 12 weeks before departure at a much lower price. Demand for these tickets can be high, the earlier you book, the better. If they haven't sold out, you can book these tickets up until an hour before you travel.

Leicester is the largest city in the East Midlands and one of the oldest in the country, filled with many exciting attractions. The discovery of the remains of King Richard III here in 2012 sparked a flurry of development. The cathedral where he was reburied has since been refurbished.

Tip 2 Book with us to avoid paying a booking fee
At Split My Fare, we don't charge booking fees or for using your credit card. There will only be an additional cost when you book with us is if we manage to split your ticket. We will then charge 10% but only from the saving made.
Tip 3 Claim a refund when there is a delay to your journey
Delayed trains can cause problems for your journey; you may miss a connection, for example. With Delay Repay you can apply for a full or partial refund on any delay over 15 minutes. We advise checking the company's policy you travel with; you can then apply for the refund through them.

Leicester railway station is on the mainline from London to Leeds. East Midlands Trains operates most services from St. Pancras Station. Direct trains also travel to Leicester from Birmingham, Cambridge, Derby, Nottingham and Sheffield.

Tip 4 Travel at a quieter time if possible
It is worth avoiding popular routes at busy times as demand dictates ticket prices. To get the best savings, travel on weekdays and avoid peak hours.
Tip 5 Book as a group
If you visit Leicester as a group, you can make savings by booking together and travelling on the same train during off-peak times. A Groupsave Discount applies for 3-9 people giving you up to 1/3 off tickets. Rather than having lots of paper tickets, you can receive e-Tickets and forward them to the rest of your group.
Tip 6 Check the price of single and return tickets to Leicester
You might typically book a return ticket if you are taking the train back home after visiting Leicester, but this isn't always the cheapest option. Check the price of two single tickets to ensure you get the best price. Split My Fare automatically checks the different combinations to find you the cheapest tickets.

All the attractions in Leicester are easily accessible by foot; there is also an extensive bus network.

St. Nicholas’ Church is a popular place to visit in Leicester. It is over 1200 years old and houses the Jewry Wall, the largest piece of Roman masonry in the UK still standing. Another famous religious building, Leicester Cathedral, used to be the Church of St Martin.

Tip 7 Travel on slower trains
It might be that you are in no rush to get to your destination. By taking a less direct train to Leicester, your journey could be much cheaper. When you book with us, we will show you slower travel options if they cost less. If you need to get to your destination as fast as possible, you can only see faster trains.
Tip 8 Compare the price of standard and first-class tickets
Ticket prices are dependent on demand. If few first-class tickets have been sold for your train to Leicester, they may be a similar price or even cheaper than a standard fare. An advantage of travelling first-class is getting a larger seat and complimentary food and drinks.
Tip 9 Buy a railcard to help get you cheap train tickets
It is worth buying a railcard if you regularly take the train; however, even if you only travel 3 or 4 times a year, you can make savings. You can find more information on the railcard website and purchase your railcard from any National Rail Ticket Office.

Most railcards cost £30 per year. The Two Together card is excellent for couples, allowing two adults travelling on the same train to save on most fares.

The Family and Friends card gives children 60% off tickets and adults up to a 1/3 off, for four children and four adults on certain trains.

The Senior card offers 1/3 off tickets, at the reduced cost of £70 for three years.

The Disabled Person's card gives disabled passengers up to 1/3 off train travel.

Other Railcards include the Network Railcard, 16-25 and 26-30 Railcard.
Tip 10 Be flexible in your travel
Being flexible will help lower the cost of travel to Leicester train station when you buy train tickets in the UK. Looking at different options in terms of the date and time of travel can uncover much cheaper fares. Use our booking engine to compare ticket prices for your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Leicester cheap?

Leicester is a cheap place to live and study being the fifth cheapest place to go to University.

How do I get to Leicester?

Leicester is easy to get to as it is on the Midland Main Line, it takes just over an hour from London.

What is famous in Leicester?

Leicester is famous for its football team, Leicester City and also for its Cathedral.