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"It is so wonderful to live in a city that so many people want to visit!” York Residents Festival

Buy your ticket to York with us and in no time you could be enjoying the outstanding cultural and historic wealth York has on offer, maybe walking around the narrow medieval streets with Dame Judi Dench(Well you never know). You might want to take a walk around York Minster, try to escape York Maze or walk down The Shambles, possibly the nicest street in the World. York is a great destination with amazing architecture and lots of interesting attractions, ideal for families and groups of friends.

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Visiting York by Train

We recommend a visit to the National Railway Museum, especially if you've got kids. If you're looking for a nice night out, take in a play at the Theatre Royal.

Fact: York Minster was devastated by fire after being struck by lightning in 1984.

The city of York in northern England is known for its charming medieval feel. It’s an extraordinary city that’s rich in culture and history and has retained most of its pre-industrial architecture. A magnificent circuit of 13th-century walls surrounds the old city, covering the narrow maze of beautiful cobblestone streets. In the heart of the city lies the York Minster, a remarkable cathedral, hailed as one of the most beautiful Gothic structures in the world.

If you’re coming from London, the average journey time between London King's Cross railway station and York is 2 hours. This medieval city is compact and best explored on foot as it is easy to get around from one side of the city to another.

You can start your journey at York's National Railway Museum. Hailed as the biggest railway museum in the world it houses more than 100 locomotives. Even if you’re not a train fanatic, you’ll enjoy exploring the gleaming carriages, including those used by the royal families in the early days of rail travel. This museum is only a few minutes’ walk away from the York railway station. If you want to explore the other museums in the city, head over to the Jorvik Viking Centre and the Yorkshire Museum. Also check out the Museum Gardens where you can see the Multangular Tower, the most noticeable structure remaining from the Roman walls.

Perhaps the highlight of your trip to York is a visit to York Minster. This awe-inspiring church is in the middle of the city so it’s hard to miss. At the heart of the cathedral is a massive tower that’s well worth climbing for an unparalleled view of the city. The Treasurer’s House is also good to visit as this historic home used to house the medieval treasures of the Minster and was later bought by the famous Yorkshire industrialist Frank Green.