Sandstone buildings on the Newcastle quay side with larger building in the background and the river tyne and tyne bridge in the foreground.

London to Newcastle Train Tickets

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Newcastle is a beautiful city situated in the UK that is well worth the travel from London. Newcastle trains are operated by London North Eastern Railway and run regularly, meaning you can easily reach the city. Once you arrive in Newcastle from Kings Cross Station, you will find many amazing attractions, including the Victoria Tunnel, the NewcastleGateshead Quayside, and Newcastle Cathedral. Direct trains from London run regularly and have an average journey time of just over 3 hours. The first train from London departs at 06:12 and the last train from London is at 22:00. Lumo also run trains to Newcastle, with both operators running services on the East Coast Mainline route.

You can find Newcastle Train Information and purchase your ticket with us. If you book early, you can save money by getting an advance ticket.

Travelling From London to Newcastle by Train

Departure Station

Kings Cross

Arrival Station



247 Miles / 397 Kilometres

First Train


Last Train


Fastest Journey Time

2 h 36 m

Avg. Journey Time

3 h 7 m


37 Trains per day


LNER, Lumo

London to Newcastle Train Routes

The East Coast Mainline is a very popular route. As such, when you take your journey from London, there are many other destinations you may want to visit, whether it be at weekends or during holidays. Edinburgh, York, and Peterborough are just some of the other cities you may want to visit on your trip when you depart from London.

Train Companies


There are LNER trains running regularly from London to Newcastle. They offer free WiFi, power sockets, and onboard catering for all ticket types. Access to first-class tickets is also available.


Lumo operates regular services from London. Tickets tend to be cheaper, so First Class isn't available, but trains are fast with relatively few stops.

Popular Trains to Newcastle

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the train from London to Newcastle take?

The train from London to Newcastle takes an average of 3 hours and 7 minutes, but high-speed trains can take just 2 hours and 36 minutes.

What's the distance between London and Newcastle by train?

The distance between London and Newcastle by train is 247 Miles / 397 Kilometres.

Is there a direct train from London to Newcastle?

LNER and Lumo operate direct trains from London to Newcastle.

What are the London to Newcastle upon Tyne train times and schedule?

You can view the London to Newcastle Train Times and Schedule by searching for your journey using our booking engine.

How much is the train ticket from London to Newcastle upon Tyne?

The cost of a train ticket from London to Newcastle Upon Tyne varies, but you can find cheaper tickets by booking in advance and travelling during off-peak times.

When should you book your train tickets from London to Newcastle upon Tyne?

You should book your train tickets from London to Newcastle Upon Tyne early to benefit from cheaper tickets. Advance tickets are released up to 12 weeks before departure.

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