The BBC released an article a few weeks ago (, explaining that while train fares are set to rise, the public isn’t aware of a cheaper way to buy tickets.

Split Ticketing involves splitting your fare into separate tickets so you can slash the cost of your journey but travel on the same train.

The BBC asked why split ticketing has yet to be made more public. Instead, consumers believe boking their tickets the “normal way” from a website that charges booking fees will get them the cheapest fare.

The BBC says, “10 minutes’ research could save you around 50% of your fare”. Sounds good; however, what if we found the cheapest split tickets for you in no time at all.

It doesn’t make sense why split-ticket journeys are cheaper, as the BBC says it’s “rather complicated and to do with the popularity of your destination and differing fares by different rail operators.” It’s only right that as train prices are rising, the public should be more aware of how to cut the cost of their train journeys.