I received a text, a missed call and a Facebook message from my Mum in the space of half an hour last Tuesday. Was it a family emergency? No, she was contacting me to say that a show on ITV had been talking about split tickets. When I looked into it, Martin Lewis had been talking about how to get cheaper train fares, with the main focus on split tickets.

As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, with train ticket prices constantly on the rise we’re pushing for split ticketing, which is the cheapest way to buy tickets to be made more public; the audience of millions who watched the show will certainly have helped with that. We could see the results straight away; traffic to our site from Google searches for split ticketing went up that day.

The show said that you can up to half your rail fare by split ticketing, that’s not entirely true; in another blog post we actually showed you can get savings of more than 50%.

There are a few sites around that make finding split ticket savings easier as the show said; but SplitMyFare is the best of them. Why’s that? As well as telling you where’s best to split your journey; we provide a step by step guide to make it easy to buy your split ticket with us. We thought we’d help you out because it’s normally a fairly complicated art.

As the show said, with train tickets “Take the logic book and through it out the window”; it’s a little bit crazy that buying two tickets for your journey can make it a lot cheaper, even though you stay on exactly the same train. It doesn’t just work for single tickets either; if you’re travelling return you can again make massive savings; just buy the split tickets again, but in reverse. Split ticketing isn’t just for those buying standard fares either; you can also get your advance tickets cheaper.

Find where to split your ticket and buy it here, to make big savings now!

Pete Walls