As train ticket prices steadily rise, passengers are looking to get their train tickets for the lowest price possible. The best way to do this is by splitting your ticket; buying two tickets for your journey (, e.g. Liverpool Central – Rugby, Rugby – Brighton) but staying on the same train as someone who is buying one ticket for that journey (, e.g. Liverpool Central – Brighton, costing as much as £77 more than the split ticket option).

So why are split tickets so much cheaper? It doesn’t make sense, but it’s largely down to the popularity of different destinations and differing fares offered by rail operators.

While not all passengers know about split ticketing, many understand it can make your journey cheaper. However, some people aren’t confident about buying their tickets this way and think it might be complicated. However, it isn’t; you stay on the same train, normally in the same seats, and the book experience with us is quick and easy.

If you need even more convincing, a passenger recently booked a train with us from Manchester Piccadilly to Bedford for £64.80, an £85.20 saving on the price they would have paid for a single ticket.