As train ticket prices are steadily on the rise, everyone is looking to get their train tickets for the cheapest price possible. The best way to do this is by splitting your ticket; buying two tickets for your journey (e.g Liverpool Central – Rugby, Rugby – Brighton) but staying on exactly the same train as someone who is buying one ticket for that journey (e.g Liverpool Central – Brighton, costing as much as £77 more than the split ticket option).

So why are split tickets often be so much cheaper? It doesn’t really make sense but it’s largely down to the popularity of different destinations and differing fares by different rail operators.

While not all who travel on trains know about split ticketing, a large number of people do understand it can make your journey cheaper. However as splitting your ticket normally involves a lengthy, complicated DIY approach many people decide just to buy the one ticket for their journey as while it may be more expensive, they don’t have the time and patience to split their ticket.

However has made the process of getting cheaper split tickets less time consuming and stress-free. suggests where you should split your journey and guides you through the process of buying your ticket; so far from split ticketing requiring a head for numbers and a lot of patience, the process of getting your cheaper ticket is now simple and takes just a few minutes.

So if you haven’t already been fully convinced that splitting your ticket is the cheapest way to travel by train, hopefully this will make up your mind for good. The biggest saving we have found is for a journey from Manchester Piccadilly to Bedford, the standard fare for this journey was £150.00, but when split tickets were bought from Manchester Piccadilly – Kettering and Kettering – Bedford the cost was reduced to £64.80. This is a saving of £83.20, a massive 55.4666% reduction (Yes I worked that out in my head) on the standard price.

After all this valuable info, here’s a useless fact. An Ostrich’s eye is bigger than it’s brain.

Pete Walls