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"Probably the most beautiful city we have ever seen.” The Black Eyed Peas

Throughout this page, we will provide a guide with useful tips for you to use when finding cheap train tickets to Edinburgh.

Tip 1: You can find cheaper fares by buying your in advance
Your chances of getting the best train ticket fare can be improved by booking in advance. It is best not to wait until the day of departure but search for the best prices when advance tickets are available up to 12 weeks in advance. This is the time when the lower priced advance train ticket are released by Train Operating Companies. These Advance Tickets for trains to Edinburgh tend to sell out quickly because of high demand, so we recommend you search for your journey as early as possible. It is possible, even if you book at the latest point and can’t buy weeks ahead, these advance tickets can sometimes be purchased up to an hour before departure. If you check with the train company you are travelling with they will provide further information on availability.

Tell us which station you want to go to and in no time you could be having fun in the beautiful city that is Edinburgh with Chris Hoy and J.K.Rowling (well you never know). You might want to take in a rugby match at Murrayfield, enjoy an entertaining visit to the Edinburgh Fringe or take a stroll up to Arthur's Seat. As the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is a great destination with some of the UK's best attractions'; ideal for families and groups of friends as well as being a popular place for business travel.

Regular train journeys run to Edinburgh from many UK cities such as London, Glasgow, York, Newcastle, Leeds and Aberdeen among others. The frequently used East Coast Main Line terminates at Edinburgh Waverley, connecting the English and Scottish capital cities. Since 2019, the London North Eastern Railway has been replacing its trains with Azuma trains using Japanese bullet train technology - the London to Edinburgh journey can be completed in as little as 4 hours from London King's Cross to Edinburgh Waverley, which is within walking distance from many major tourist attractions including the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle.

Tip 2: Avoid paying a booking fee on trains
Many ticket retailers charge fees whenever a journey is booked with them. With Split My Fare there is no set fee for booking or credit card fees. Only if we save you money through split ticketing will we charge 10% and only of what you save. This means if you don’t make any split ticketing saving then you won’t be charged any fees. We are an accredited train ticket retailer, so you know you’re in safe hands when using our site to buy train tickets to Edinburgh.

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Tip 3: Claim a refund when your train is delayed
There is unfortunately no guarantee that trains will be arrive on time at the station you depart from or get you to your destination on time. There is a tool you can use called Delay Repay, this enables you to claim a full or partial refund when your trains are delayed, whatever the cause is. The delay in time for compensation varies across each of the train companies but you can get a refund for as little as 15 minutes delay. It is worth making contact with the companies for more details on their policy and you can then apply for the refund through them.

We recommend a visit to Edinburgh Zoo if you've got kids. The Fringe is the world's largest arts festival and a trip to Edinburgh for the Hogmanay is a must for everyone on New Year's Eve.

Train Fact: Edinburgh's Alexander Graham Bell was told by the Western Union that the telephone he invented was "an interesting novelty without any commercial possibilities".

Tip 4: Avoid popular routes to popular destinations if possible.
Rail tickets UK prices are based on demand, so another way to save money on your journeys is to try avoiding the busier city centre stations. You can plan your rail journey via quieter stations outside city centres which can be a way to purchase cheap train tickets to Edinburgh. Choosing a quieter route at a less busy time can also bring financial benefits.

Imagine yourself on top of a rocky hill, overlooking a medieval city paved with setts or cobblestones, castles towering above and an amazing view of the sea. Where else would you rather spend your vacation than one of Scotland's most beautiful cities - Edinburgh? Setting foot in this city will make you feel like you have time travelled to a different era or gone straight to a real-life Hogwarts. Harry Potter fan or not, that view will surely be pleasant to the eyes.

Tip 5: Book your journeys together if your are travelling as a group
If you are planning a group trip to Edinburgh and there are 3 to 9 people travelling on the same train route during off-peak hours, the best option is to buy tickets by booking together. You can save 1/3 of the overall ticket prices depending which rail network you use and the discount is automatically applied when you checkout. A great way to avoid having to pick up lots of paper train tickets is that you could make the booking by E-tickets and just forward tickets to the mobile of each person making the journey.

Edinburgh's city centre is mainly composed of the Old and New towns; two distinct locations that are close enough to walk between. From the airport, you can take the tram heading to York Place and get off at the Princes Street station. A five to seven-minute walk will get you to the centre of the Old Town. The first thing you will probably notice when you arrive in this part of the city is the beautiful fortress sitting on top of an extinct volcano. This is Edinburgh Castle; one of Scotland's most famous landmarks. You can then walk straight along the Royal Mile or take the tram to Waverley station to visit other attractions such as the Camera Obscura and World of Illusions; a six-floor magical gallery that has interactive collections of different exhibitions such as puzzles, mazes and holograms.

Tip 6: Compare Return Tickets and Standard Tickets
When taking a train to an Edinburgh train station and planning a return journey but wanting to find the cheapest priced fares available, rather than a one way, it can be worth comparing the price of a return journey and two single tickets. Sometimes one may work out cheaper than the other. The open return option is also available if you're planning to make a return journey while wanting the option of travelling anytime. On our website we sell you whichever one works out to be the best value.

If you would like to see a collection of more than 3,500 bottles of Scotland's national drink, then The Scotch Whisky Experience would be highly recommended. Fancy a little shopping? Then head straight to the Royal Mile Market at Tron Kirk, where you can grab some authentic food if you get hungry.

The nearby New Town is a dream come true for art lovers. It is where the National Portrait Gallery, the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art and the Scottish National Gallery are located. These three galleries house the most interesting and historical artworks in the country.

Tip 7: Take the slower train to Edinburgh
If you're happy to have a more leisurely journey you can get a cheap train ticket to Edinburgh by taking a less direct train. If the slower train is the cheapest option, we will automatically show you this. We can, however, show you only the fastest journeys available if you want to travelling quickly is a priority and you can choose to do this by selecting this option.

Tip 8: Compare Standard and First Class Tickets to Edinburgh
Due to fluctuations in demand for different ticket types it can be worth comparing standard and first class ticket prices. If a small numbers of first class tickets have been sold, their prices may not be significantly different to standard tickets and you could even see that they are possible cheaper. A great advantage of using first class tickets is that you get a bigger seat, free tea and coffee and other drinks ad food being available which means you can arrive in Edinburgh more relaxed.

Tip 9: Use Railcards if you are a regular rail traveller
Even if you only travel by train a few times a year it can be save you money to buy a Railcard. You can save up to 1/3 off your journey depending on which ticket is applicable for you. Another benefit of a Railcard is that you also get offers of free entry to attractions and further discounts. The Two Together Railcard, only costs £30 a year and allows this saving on most journeys for two adults. If you are travelling as a family with a few children, the Family and Friends Railcard provides 60% off a fare for each child and 1/3 off most adult fares for up to 4 adults and 4 children. Ticket discounts are also available for disabled passengers through the with the Disabled Persons Railcard - available for £30 per year, it provides 1/3 off most tickets. For those aged over 60, the senior railcard also offers 1/3 off tickets and you can buy a 3-year card for just £70! Other railcards include the Network Railcard, 16-25 Railcard and 26-30 Railcard. Search for more details on Railcards online via the Railcard website. Cards are also be available to buy at any National Rail Ticket Office.

For more tips on buying cheap train tickets and travel guides, take a look at our blog. If you have any ideas of features for our blog, please contact us.

Tip 10: Be flexible, especially about when you travel
Another option for travelling to Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, at a lower cost is by doing a search for different travel options of dates and times using our journey planner. If you don’t need to go on a specific train to Edinburgh you can buy cheap train tickets by changing the day of travel, you might even find that advance tickets are available. Journeys on a weekday avoiding weekends and holidays can also help, due to lower demand at these times.

Main stations in Edinburgh:

  • Edinburgh Haymarket
  • Edinburgh Waverley
  • Edinburgh Park

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the cheapest train tickets to Edinburgh?

You can get the cheapest train tickets to Edinburgh by splitting your ticket with us. Savings of up to 90% are available.

What is the cheapest way to travel to Edinburgh?

The train is still the cheapest way to travel to Edinburgh. Use our tips above to save more money.

Can you get the train to Edinburgh?

There is a direct line from Edinburgh to London Kings Cross, which takes just 4 hours. There are also major stations on route, such as York and Peterborough.