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"Glasgow is regenerating and evolving at a dizzying pace - style cats beware, this city is edgy, modish and downright ballsy.” Lonely Planet

Tell us which station you want to go to and in no time you could be having fun in the constantly evolving and regenerated City of Glasgow with Sir Chris Hoy and Biffy Clyro (Well you never know). You might want to take in a match at Ibrox (or Celtic Park), enjoy an interesting visit to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum or take a tour of the Glengoyne Distillery. Glasgow is a great destination with some of the UK's best attractions, ideal for families and groups of friends; it also has possibly the best live music scene in the UK.

Tip 1: Get cheaper tickets by booking in advance
You are more likely to be able get cheaper train tickets to Glasgow if you book in advance. This can be done up to 12 weeks before travelling when train companies release their tickets. The earlier you book the better to make the greatest savings as they can sell out fast if you are unable to plan ahead then can still purchase advance tickets up until an hour before travel if they are still available.

Tip 2: Manage to reduce your fare by avoiding booking fees
Although other retailers of train tickets charge a booking fee for Glasgow tickets including a credit card charge, Split My Fare only deducts 10% of any saving you make when we are successful in splitting your ticket and there is no credit card charge. If we don't find it cheaper to split your ticket to Glasgow we will not charge you any fee at all. We have purchase protection built in as we are an accredited retailer of tickets so are a safe company to use.

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We recommend a visit to the Science Centre if you've got kids. The West End is definitely worth a visit for its parks, shops and restaurants.

Fact: The first International football game was played in Glasgow, It was Scotland vs England in 1872 and was played at the West of Scotland Cricket ground.

Tip 3: Make sure you claim a refund if your train is delayed
There are occasions when your train unfortunately may be delayed making it late on departure or arrival. Using our Day Repay scheme you can apply for a full or partial refund of your fare even if your train is as little as 15 minutes late into the station . It depends on which railway company you are travelling with whether your fare is covered by the scheme so please check data from your train provider or at your local ticket office.

Tip 4: Stay away from the busier routes and stations
To make your journey to Glasgow cheaper it may be beneficial for you to stay on a quieter route to a less popular station. The prices of train tickets are dependent on demand and so you are likely get a better price if you plan to change your route. City Centre stations can be especially busy so comparing the different train stations in Glasgow could make your journey cheaper. The time of your train travel can also effect the price as less popular times can also make you savings.

Tip 5: Group bookings save money
A Group save discount can be applied if you book train tickets as a group of 3-9 people. You may get 1/3 saving if you are travelling on an off-peak train which will be automatically applied for you. Your tickets must be booked together and you can avoid multiple paper tickets by using a Mobile E-ticket and send them to each person. This could make your train tickets to Glasgow much cheaper.

Being one of the most visited cities in the UK and the largest in Scotland, there is no denying the fact that Glasgow is vibrant, being full of energy and life. It is renowned for its architectural heritage that dates back to the Victorian era as well its rich art and music culture and as a modern-day shopping destination. Glasgow definitely caters to everyone.

You'd be surprised how easy it is to navigate Glasgow either by public transportation or simply by walking. You can start your day with a Scottish breakfast from a wide range of restaurants in the famous George Square which is just a few minutes’ walk away from both the Glasgow Central and Queen Street stations.

Tip 6: Explore the difference between single and return tickets
Going to Glasgow by train will normally mean that you want a return train. We advise that you compare the prices of return, 2 singles and an open return to see which of these will be the cheapest. Split My Fare will automatically look at the options and sell you whichever combination gives you the a cheapest train to Glasgow.

Tip 7: Take a slower train journey to save money
If you are not looking to save time on your journey to Glasgow you can find it an advantage financially to get a slower train. Using a less direct route you can get lower priced tickets and Split My Fare can help you to work this out by automatically showing you the options. Alternatively, if you are in a rush you have the option to only see the faster trains to Glasgow on our website.

Tip 8: Examine how much a 1st class ticket costs
Surprisingly it is sometimes cheaper to use 1st class tickets when booking your Glasgow train. When the demand for 1st class tickets is low and standard tickets are selling out the railway company will reduce the 1st class price so it is sometimes lower or a similar price. The other positive to this is that you get the advantage of the extra amenities of food, drink and larger seats and you will arrive at Glasgow feeling relaxed.

If you are visiting for a historical trip and sightseeing, a quick walk from the centre to the Glasgow Cathedral, also known as St. Mungo’s Cathedral, is very much worth it. It is where the tomb of St. Mungo, the founder and patron saint of the City of Glasgow, lies. You may also take a short visit to the neighbouring Museum of Religious Life and Art that exhibits statues, mummies and a Buddhist courtyard. Just across from the museum is a Victorian garden cemetery with gothic-inspired sculptures by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. If you are a fan of artists like Van Gogh or Salvador Dali, then you should not miss the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, which is located near the Partick and Kelvinhall Subway stations.

Tip 9: Get a cheaper train journey to Glasgow if you purchase a Railcard
Railcards allow you to save 1/3 off rail fares every time they are used, making it easier to search for cheap train tickets for your journey. You also get additional benefits like free entry to attractions & many other discounts.

Most railcards cost just £30 - the Two Together Railcard, for example, allows two adults to save 1/3 on most fares.

The Family and Friends Railcard provides 60% off fares for children and 1/3 off almost all adult fares for up to 4 kids and 4 adults.

The senior railcard offers the same discount, but at a reduced cost of £70 for three years.

Disabled passengers are also able to get discounts on their train tickets with the Disabled Persons Railcard - £30 for this one and 1/3 off most tickets.

Other Railcards available include the Network Railcard, 16-25 Railcard and 26-30 Railcard.

The railcard website has more details and cards can be found on sale at a National Rail Ticket Office.

Tip 10: Make your travel plans flexible if you can
Another way to get cheap train tickets to Glasgow is by being flexible with your options. We will find you the best journey to save you the most money if you are willing to change dates or times. Weekend travel by trains is usually more expensive but most companies give lower rates during the week. Time can also be a factor and off-peak times can also save you money as they are not in such great demand with a lesser number of passengers using the trains.

For those who want to cap the night off with a drink, then heading to the West End is your best bet. With lots of bars to choose from along Byres Road and Ashton Lane, near the Hillhead Station, you can find the pub of your choice with the ambience that perfectly fits your mood, may it be laid-back or hip and trendy.

Main stations in Glasgow

  • Charing Cross (Glasgow)
  • Exhibition Centre (Glasgow)
  • Glasgow Airport
  • Glasgow Central
  • Glasgow Queen Street
  • High Street (Glasgow)
  • Queens Park (Glasgow)

Frequently Added Questions

How do I get to Glasgow by train?

There are two main stations in Glasgow, Glasgow Central and Glasgow Queen Street which you can reach from all over the country. ScotRail operate the majority of trains serving the city.

How do you get cheap train tickets in Glasgow?

You can get cheap train tickets in Glasgow by splitting your ticket with us, buying in advance also helps.