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East Midlands Trains

East Midlands Trains was a Train Operating Company, owned by the Stagecoach Group. The company operated across the East Midlands, Yorkshire, and East of England until East Midlands Railway took over the franchise in August 2019.

East Midlands Trains Map

You can travel with East Midlands Railway, who took over from East Midlands trains, across the East of England and to London.

Trains from London start at London St. Pancras and travel to cities including Sheffield, Derby and Nottingham. Regional services go via Peterborough, Lincoln and Skegness, among other locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are East Midlands trains still running?

East Midlands Trains are no longer in operation but their services are now ran by East Midlands Railway since August 2019.

Do East Midlands Trains have food?

East Midlands Railway who took over from East Midlands Trains offer food and drink on-board, on trains to and from London and on their Liverpool to Norwich route.

Where do East Midlands Trains go to?

East Midlands Trains now ran by East Midlands Railway travel in and out of London from the East Midlands and also local services in the East Midlands to places such as Lincoln, Skegness and Peterborough.

How fast do East Midlands Trains go?

East Midlands Trains now operated by East Midlands Railway can reaches speed of up to 125mph.

Do East Midlands Trains have WiFi?

Trains on East Midlands Mainline have free WiFi on all trains to and from London St. Pancras. Passengers are not allowed to download or stream videos on these trains.