National Rail Enquiries

National Rail Enquiries is the website for National Rail. Here you can look up train timetables, find information on the different ticket types and general information about train travel in the UK.

What Do National Rail Do?

National Rail is the administrative hub for the sale of train tickets. When you buy tickets on Split My Fare, this goes through National Rail's reservation system. Through marketing, they also promote train travel to passengers on behalf of all train operating companies. National Rail also provides general information and timetables.

Train Operating Companies

There are 28 Train Operating Companies that are members of National Rail. The 28th is Lumo, which has operated on the East Coast Main Line since 25th October 2021. You can access all the companies from our Train Operating Companies page here. Tickets can be purchased for services from all the Train Operating Companies via our booking engine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is National Rail?

National Rail is the trading name of the Rail Delivery Group whose members include all the Train Operating Companies in the UK. National Rail was created in 1996, with the privatisation of the UK rail network.

How do I buy National Rail tickets?

You can search for and book train tickets on Split My Fare. By booking with us you can make big savings through split ticketing.

How many train companies operate in the UK under the National Rail brand?

There are twenty-eight Train Operating Companies that operate in the UK and are members of National Rail. Lumo Trains are a new operator, running services between London and Edinburgh, due to launch in October 2021.

Where can I learn more about trains in Britain?

As well as selling train tickets, Split My Fare provides other useful information including details of Train Operating Companies, Destinations, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Is there a size limit for what you can take on national rail trains?

Passengers cannot take on board any item exceeding one metre in any dimension that is unable to be carried without assistance. There is no weight restriction for luggage on trains.

How to report incident of hate crime to national rail?

You can report an incident of hate crime on a National Rail train by any one of three means: True Vision A national scheme that allows victims to easily report hate crime. By phone Call 0800405040 Visit a police station Report the crime at any police station.

How does the line to Hogwarts fit into the UK national rail network?

The train to Hogwarts leaves from platform 9 and 3/4 at London Kings Cross station.

Is there a better app than national rail?

Split My Fare will soon be launching a mobile app, allowing passengers to quickly search for and book their train tickets.